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5 Make-up Looks to Try this Summer

It finally feels like summer is here! We’ve started to build up a slight glow on our skin, our hair is feeling thicker and looking brighter, we’re looking forward to the summer evenings and we’ve already had our first Pimm's of the season.

Now that we’e started to immerse ourselves in the sunniest season of the year, it’s time for our look to match it.

Whilst we’ve all been made fully aware of the this summer’s clothing lines (they’ve been out for months in the hope the sun would have come earlier than it has!), it’s time to match our faces to the season too.

Summer make-up always has a different feel to the shades and cover of the winter months. In winter, we look for ways to cover up those inevitable blemishes that come from switching between the warm, centrally heated indoors, to the harsh rain, wind and coldness blustering outside. This automatically makes make-up heavier and used disguise our natural features rather than just enhance them (as we believe make-up should do!). Summer shades are lighter, brighter and give you a real opportunity to show off your natural beauty with a kick as well as flaunt all your favourite bright lippies and eyeshadows.

We’ve put together 5 summer make-up looks for you to try this sunny season for a variety of different ocassions:


  1. The Beach Babe

    A look that can be flaunted either on or off the beach but will make you look like a surfer chick regardless of where you are. To achieve this look, a more dewy complexion accompanied with a lot of bronzer and highlighter with neutral but rich tones is what will help to create this gorgeous summery look. 

  2. The Flower Queen

    Summer is the time to become one with nature. Take time to breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the wildlife and bask in the sunshine. If you want to look the part too and reflect the natural beauty around you, we suggest heading for bright lipsticks, pink blushers and bright (flower inspired) eyeshadows. Why not go one step further and draw on a floral design with face paint?

  3. The Pastel Palette

    For those looking for a more demure, or subtle appearence, we recommend looking for pastels. Pastel eyeshadows, pastel lip shades, pastel blusher and under layer foundation. Whilst this can be sported by any complexion, this really does compliment a paler, soft complexion.

  4. Festival Chic

    A hugely popular look coming into the summer and has been since the growing popularity of Coachella. Choosing your festival look is personal: glitter, hippy, unicorn-inspired, grunge, athleisure or Kate Bush inspired. Whatever look you choose, we do encourage a lot of glitter, bright colours, stickers, vibrant eyes and outlined lips.

  5. Natural Beauty

    When is a better time to go for a totally (or near total) natural look? When you’re out and about in the heat, make-up can sometimes be a hinderance to making the most of the sun. Make-up can be prone to ‘melting’; liquid eyeliner smudging, foundation running and eyeshadow disappearing. In order to avoid any chance of this, we recommend using lip and cheek stain to bring colour to your face, coupling that with waterproof mascara to make your eyes pop is a sure way to look natural and glowing.