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8 Game of Thrones Make-Up Inspiration Tutorials

One of our all time favourite fantasy programs is back on our screens; dragons, Starks, Whitewalkers and all, we’re super excited to see what happens this series.

Whilst we can’t keep our eyes off the fights, blood, sharp wit and explicit scenes, what’s really caught our attention here at RCFX is the characters – especially the ones crafted from special FX make-up.

Game of Thrones parties are climbing up the popularity ladder, helping to bring our favourite, most intriguing and most feared characters to life. So we’ve found some of our favourite GoT characters on YouTube and watched them being brought into this world through the magic of make-up and would like to share them with you…


Daenerys Targaryen

A beautiful and strong character with exceptional hair and a flawless complexion. Make sure you get the pale but brooding look of Khaleesi by following this simple tutorial and channel the Mother of Dragons.


White Walker

Not glamorous, remotely attractive or appealing, but a sure way to make people stand to attention! This look works even better in a group, so try storming a Halloween party with bright blue contacts and with white hair spray to make the White Walkers come alive.. well, become real.

Stone Men

Again, not one for trying to win a beauty pageant with this one but a super cool and pretty exciting look to try. Creep people out by turning into Shireen Baratheon or Jorah Mormont and spread the err love, by waving your stoney arm near people who head for your drink! This will take a lot of patience and use a lot of wax and putty to hold in place but will look epic if executed right!



An ambitious look for someone without much facial hair but a fantastic tutorial nonetheless. Some fake tan and wig might be needed but the key emphasis has to be on the dark eyes and facial scars. You'll be ruling in no time!


The Hound

A gruesome but awesome tutorial on how to get the hard-man burn from the Hound that we all love to hate. This look is time consuming and requires skill with partial prosthetics but the result is so, so worth it. 

Tyrian Lannister 

The most distinctive thing about Tyrian's face is his big scar (spoiler alert if you're not that far yet). So we have a tutorial on how to create a big, realistic scar on your face so you can take on Tyrian's role of wisdom and wit.

Sansa Stark

This ice cold beauty is a stunning look to perfect. Spray your hair auburn or buy a wig and plait it whilst wrapping up in a big cape to get the true sassy Sansa Stark feel. Also be sure  to put those blue contacts in to contrast against the alabaster skin.


Children of the Forest

Remember these little guys? They certainly remember you... This tutorial is a very in-depth and intimate look into the face shape, contour and essence of the Children of the Forest. Be prepared to use lots of glue and wax to make those eyes look convincing! Use our colour palettes to get the varied tones and shades you need.


So there we go, some of our favourite special FX make-up tutorials to turn you into a real life GoT character for a party, halloween, cosplay, or whenever else you want!