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Budget to Luxury: Water Face Paints - What Should You Choose?

While choosing the correct face paint is a very personal choice, and will depend on budget, skin type and what you will be using it for – it is always important to do a little research first. Do you want a powder or a cream paint? Is it for a base or a fine and intricate design?

To make things a little easier, we have put together a helpful guide looking at four of the best selling water based face and body paints on the market at the moment, from extremely affordable, to more of a luxury purchase, we are here to help you out.


First up on our list is budget brand Snazaroo who offer super easy to apply face and body paints that are all made in the UK and of great quality. Snazaroo hold a special emphasis on quality and safety in all that they do, with each product being rigorously checked and specially formulated to be gentle, making it a great option for those with sensitive skin!

While the colours aren’t quite as vivid and bright as the Diamond FX paints, Snazaroo do offer a wide range of shades including your essential tones and some brilliant metallic colours. When compared to Diamond FX the quality of the end result is not quite as polished with some colours becoming duller upon drying, more difficult to get a non-streaking finish and not quite as good coverage. But the consistency of Snazaroo is a lot easier to remove making it more suitable for those who are playing around with looks and want something that can easily be wiped off.

We love the dedication Snazaroo put into the quality of their face and body paints, and despite the products being at the lower end of the price scale with their cheapest face paint coming in at just £3.75, the quality is pretty great and we love the fragrance-free and soft aspect that is in the paints themselves.

Ideal use for Snazaroo: Application on children and parties/fancy dress.

Diamond FX

We love a good water activated face and body paint, and Diamond FX is our favourite budget brand on our list that you need to know about! Diamond FX offers a fantastic range of budget paints that offer incredible pigmentation, coverage and above all else are super easy to use with a waxy consistency that requires hardly any water!

While Diamond FX is more on the affordable end of the scale the quality of the product itself is great, especially when you consider that you can get a 32g pot of their best selling white paint for as little as £4.75! The perfect choice for those just getting started in the face and body painting industry, Diamond FX products come in a massive range of colours from neutrals to metallic, and even a UV white which is not easy to come by amongst other brands.

It is worth mentioning that while the pigmentation and coverage of Diamond FX paints are fantastic, they are as a result slightly more difficult to remove compared to some other brands like Snazaroo. Using a good base will help with this issue, while allowing longer lasting looks. It is quite durable, but not as durable as its more expensive alternatives such as Mehron Paradise.

Price and quality wise, Diamond FX is a go-to brand for those just starting out in particular. However, it may take some practice to get the desired look, the consistency of Diamond FX means that it sets pretty fast so can be difficult to blend at the start.

Without a doubt this is our favourite budget brand, with their colours being some of the best-pigmented shades around - in particular, their white and black essential face paints that have unbelievable coverage that is hard to find elsewhere at this price!

Ideal use for Diamond FX: Affordable applications/professional face painters.

Mehron Paradise

We are big fans of Mehron’s Paradise range; the water activated moist cake makeup perfectly designed for professional face and body painting. Mehron collaborated with renowned body painting artist Jinny Houle on this luxury range and the end result is amazing! 

From packaging to product, everything about the range screams vibrant and fun, with shiny silver packaging, and super vivid shades that create a great final look, this is a great option for those looking to spend a little more on their face and body paints.

The consistency of the Mehron Paradise paints lends itself wonderfully to a super easy application, and what’s great is that the product dry’s quickly and doesn’t smudge, even under warm conditions; it is one of the most durable body paints out there.

Unlike the less luxury paints, Mehron Paradise has included a wonderful coconut extract, which adds to the luxuriousness of the product, and it smells divine! As well as this, it is palm oil free, and hypoallergenic leaving behind a super soft and easy to work with paint great for newbies and professionals alike!

Ideal use for Paradise: Professional body painting.

Kryolan Aquacolor

Last but by no means least, Kryolan Aquacolor may come in at the top of our list as the best luxury brand of face and body paint on the market right now! This glycerine based compact make up is super pigmented, contains top-quality ingredients unmatched in any other brand, and most importantly leaves behind a fantastic result every time.

The Kryolan Aquacolour is great for layering up, and lasts really well under pressure of heat and other extreme conditions. The application is truly effortless here, and with such a vast array of colours to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Like with most of their products, the packaging is pretty basic and not quite as luxurious looking when compared to Mehron, but the product itself more than makes up for it - as well as the packaging is designed more for professional functionality. The range offers some vibrant shades and a few paint palettes of different sizes depending on what you intend on using them for.

Kryolan’s Aquacolour range is best used with a setting spray for those intending on a long-wear look and it is super easy to remove at the end of the day. Making it perfect for those in the film and TV industry.

Ideal use for Aquacolor: All professional uses including TV & Film.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are after an affordable starter kit or want to splash out on something a little more high-end, these four brands all offer something unique and the quality is amazing across the board, we think regardless of the choice you make – you won’t be disappointed!