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Choosing The Best Fixing Spray: Kryolan Fixing Spray Vs. Ben Nye Final Seal Vs. Kryolan’s Ultra Setting Vaporizer

Those who are passionate about makeup will know how hard it can be to get that desired finished look. Whether you are creating a day-to-day look, or something extravagant, picking the products for the job can be hard. However, what can be even harder is keeping it there, and that is where fixing sprays come in!

There are plenty of individuals who don’t use fixing sprays, as it is often not deemed as a necessary product in a makeup bag. However, those in the know will tell you that a good setting spray can make all the difference; from a great look that disappears after a few hours of wear, to a long-lasting and more durable, smudge-proof face of makeup.

So, whether you are looking around for a setting spray for make up, or even face/body paint – you have come to the right place. We are taking a look at our top three fixing sprays that will see you rocking your look from morning until night.

Kryolan Fixing Spray - £20.30

We don’t feel there is much of an introduction necessary with Kryolan, as one of the most innovative brands of make up and special FX in the industry, and over 70 years of experience you know you are in safe hands!

The Kryolan Fixing Spray is a perfect example of just how incredible the quality of Kryolan products actually are. In true Kryolan form the product packaging is pretty standard, coming in the company’s signature Navy colour, the 300ml aerosol can is super easy to administer and the product itself is incredibly effective. 

The spray dries quickly and applies an invisible barrier for your makeup, leaving a smudge-proof and water resistant look that is perfect for long days.

Ideal for use with wet make up and body paint looks, the fixing spray makes for an absolute must-have accompaniment to the professional artists working under more intense conditions such as hot lighting.

Kryolan Fixing Spray may just be our favourite setting spray for those Summer months and active days where a matte and durable look is essential!


Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer Spray - £9.99

Ben Nye products have been used in feature movies for over 4 decades, with the family run business being one of the best known names across the make up and special FX industry, it only seemed right that they would offer an outstanding setting spray!

The Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer spray may have a long-winded name, but the product itself creates flawless finishes with any make up or paint creation. The no-clog spray application is simple and leaves behind a delightful yet discreet mint scent.

Price wise the Ben Nye setting spray comes in slightly less expensive than the Kryolan and can be a little less effective on dry or sensitive skin. However for £9.99 you are picking up a brilliant fixing spray that offers a waterproof protectant to your makeup and increases its longevity dramatically.

The Final Seal Matte spray is also a great mixing agent, making it one of the more versatile setting sprays on the market at the moment.

Kryolan Ultra Setting Vaporizer Spray - £16.50

If you are after a dependable setting spray that will be a perfect finisher to any type of foundation or body paint consistency, the Ultra Setting Vaporizer Spray is a must-try.

The fine mist aerosol gives a perfect matte and light effect finish that comes up flawlessly in front of a camera and is a popular choice on photo shoots. A little goes a long way here and you only really need a thin layer, which will dry quickly; it’s as easy as mist and go!

For those who opt for a creamy foundation, we recommend you use a powder before applying the finishing mist for the best results. While this spray is slightly cheaper than their Fixing Spray, it is still a great option for those looking for an affordable but reliable setting spray.

Smudge-proof and water resistance, this is an excellent product for the middle-range price point.



While we have to say we are huge fans of the Kryolan Fixing spray – there really is something here for everyone. Whether you are shopping budget, mid-range or high-end, these three setting sprays all offer incredible protection and are all easy to use

For that extra something to your finished look, we couldn’t recommend anything more than one of these incredible fixing sprays!