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Do not be fooled by Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products of brands such as Ben Nye® are on the rise. Websites such as eBay and Amazon have increasing amounts of counterfeit/fake Ben Nye® products at extremely low prices.

We guarantee that all products sold by Red Carpet FX® (CosmeticCo Limited) are genuine and official products. We do not, have not and will never sell counterfeit goods.

We here at Red Carpet FX® are actively working against the sale of counterfeit products in the UK. We are working with eBay, Amazon, Trading Standards & the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux in an attempt to stop the sale of counterfeit goods on 3rd party websites. We do this to prevent potentially dangerous goods being sold to unknowing consumers thinking they are purchasing a genuine Ben Nye® product.

Why you should avoid counterfeit products at all costs:

Extremely Poor Quality

Counterfeit products are not created to be a good product, they are manufactured to be extremely low cost and the counterfeiters do not care about the product quality. You will not be receiving the quality you should expect for genuine Ben Nye products.

Counterfeit goods are inferior to the genuine item they are imitating; meaning that the fake products are poor quality, do not achieve the same effect or look, wrong colour, wrong texture, cause irritation or harm, cake up, have a reduced expiration date, or have decreased durability and longevity.

Potentially Dangerous or Harmful

As explained previously, counterfeiters are manufacturing the product to be as cheap as possible, so the counterfeit products may contain dangerous, illegal, prohibited, untested or unsuitable ingredients in their products which could harm your health or cause severe reactions.

Many counterfeit goods do contain potentially harmful ingredients that are unfit for use in cosmetics; because these products are illegal, they are completely untested and may not meet EU or UK Health & Safety laws. This is a more prominent issue in all product types, as it has recently headlined UK news for counterfeit products containing deadly substances; some of which have recently caused deaths.


In counterfeit goods, product volumes are frequently inaccurate in order to cut down on costs. Considerably less product may be contained than displayed on the product packaging.

For example, a counterfeit Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder we acquired from a UK eBay seller; upon examination and testing by ourselves concluded that the product contained 24.73g less powder than what it should have contained as stated on the packaging of the product. The packaging stated that 42g of powder was contained but it actually only contained 17.27g of powder.


The ingredients of counterfeit product can be extremely inaccurate, possibly containing none of the ingredients stated on the packaging. Counterfeiters do this because they opt for cheaper ingredients, but imitate product packaging as accurate as possible in an attempt to fool the consumer.

As explained previously; the ingredients contained may be harmful, dangerous, untested, illegal or do not meet safety standards in the UK.

Product Colour

In many counterfeit items, counterfeiters attempt to match the colour of the product to the best of their ability, but are limited to what they can achieve due to inferior ingredients. You may purchase a specific shade of the product you love, and it will arrive a completely different colour.

Country of Manufacture

The country of manufacture that it states on the product packaging is most likely false. For example counterfeiters display on the packaging that the product was "Made in USA" when the product may have been made in China or Thailand. They do this to maintain the illusion that it is a genuine product.

Animal Testing

We know here at Red Carpet that all products we have for sale are not tested on animals and animals are not harmed in the manufacture of the goods. We are completely against animal cruelty. Whereas during the manufacture or development of the counterfeit product, the product may have been tested on animals or caused harm to animals. For example the product may be manufactured in China, for sale in China; the product under Chinese law has to be tested on animals prior to sale in China. (Please note that product manufactured in China to be sold specifically out of China do not require animal testing).

Vegetarian & Vegan Claims

Genuine products may be certified as suitable for vegetarians or vegans which is certified to be true; whereas counterfeit products may claim they are, but may actually not be suitable. So there is a chance when using a counterfeit item that it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans believing that it is.

Counterfeiting Must Be Stopped.

We are taking all the action we can, and spending countless time & resources into fighting the sale and manufacture of fake goods.

Counterfeiting must be stopped for the many reasons stated above, and for many other reasons including the damage it can do to the reputation of the genuine brand or product, as well as it can cause the loss of jobs due to shoppers purchasing non-genuine goods.

If you suspect the item you have purchased is counterfeit, you can let Red Carpet FX® know and we will use this information to combat it further. We may be able to provide you with advice on how to get your money back and much more helpful information.

You can contact us at any time; you can also report suspected counterfeit goods to the relevant marketplace/seller, or to Trading Standards and Citizens Advice.