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Creating The Ultimate Fantasy Makeup Look: Fairies

With summer well underway we have been seeing an influx of creative looks that have been reimagined to fit in with the festival season. If there is one timeless look that has been recreated year after year it has to be the mythical fairy, and we can totally understand why!

If the glitter and wings don’t draw you in, then the beauty and magic surrounding this look certainly will! You can really allow your creativity to run wild here, whether you are looking to create a traditional Fairy, something a little more dark or even a woodland Fairy, the possibilities are endless!

Whatever the occasion may be we have put together an easy to follow guide to help you get a Fairy look that you will be proud of! Follow our suggestions, or merely use this guide for inspiration to create your own incredible design.


Fairy Inspired:

#1 Decide On Your Inspiration

When we think Fairy, we often think of the likes of Tinkerbelle; Cute, fiery and magical! However the idea of the Fairy has developed over the years, blurring the traditional look with a more modern approach to bring about a whole new genre of mythical Fairy inspiration! From forest Fairy’s to Gothic, there are seriously no limits to what you can create.

So, with this in mind, step one is to decide on your inspiration. Do you want to don the pinks and purples, bathe in glitter and shower everyone around you in magical fairy dust? Are you wanting to create an elegant Fairy look, with hues of green and iridescent glitters, or do you want to turn the Fairy look on its head with smoky shades and dramatic eyes to create a darker look?

Knowing this will help you pick out the necessary makeup and equipment before you move onto the next step!


#2 Start With The Eyes

Once you have your base makeup boxed off, starting with the eyes should always be the next step, this allows you to create a focal point for your look, and will help you gauge what sort of makeup you will need to finish things off with later.

Traditional Fairy: A palette such as the Sleek I-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Brights for a traditional bright and vibrant Fairy themed look won’t see you wrong. There are enough shades in this palette to create a complete look, but always remember to use a lighter shade as a base and in the inner corners, with a darker shade in the crease! This will open up your eyes and create a bold look.

Dark Fairy: Creating a gothic Fairy look doesn’t have to only be reserved for Halloween – you can create a stunning mythical Fairy look using a palette such as the Sleek I-Divine in OH SO SPECIAL, combining the dark purple hues with the slate and charcoal in the crease to get a striking evil Fairy vibe.

Woodland Fairy: We love a great woodland Fairy look, and find starting off with nature-inspired base compliments the end result best. For this we love Stargazer Mono eyeshadow in Neon Forest across the lids, with Crown Solo in Crown Jules across the outer edge and crease for a dramatic forest-inspired look. 

Whatever look you’re going for, you can get everything you will need from a good set of brushes! We love the Moda Prismatic Bold Eye Kit by Royal & Langnickel which will help you create almost any eye look with ease, and is perfect for festival season as it is super transportable!


#3 Accessorise!

If this isn’t your first rodeo, you will likely know all to well the importance of accessorising the perfect look! This is particularly true with fantasy makeup where a couple of last minute additions can really make all the difference.

It is entirely up to you what sort of things you go for, but we love pairing a great set of lashes with a completed makeup look to get that extra magical end result! There are so many false lashes to choose from that it can be tricky to know where to start! We have picked out the following recommended sets to match each Fairy themed look:

Traditional Fairy: We LOVE these Butterfly Winged lashes for a mythical touch to a traditional Fairy look!

Dark Fairy: The perfect gothic dramatic lash has to be these black Feather Plumes from Fever False lashes!

Woodland Fairy: These stunning water droplet lashes would make the perfect finishing touch to a woodland inspired Fairy look!

There are loads of other options available, from glittery hair spray, gems or Fairy wings!


#4 Fairy Dust! 

No Fairy makeup look is complete without some sparkle, and there are SO many options to choose from, whether you want a discreet glittery shimmer over your eye shadow or you are planning to go all out with glitter over various parts of your face, there is something there for you! We adore the Stargazer glitter shakers, which are super easy to apply and stick really easily with any adhesive. We recommend the Mars Crimson for the traditional Fairy look, the Blue Butterfly shaker for the Woodland Fairy look and the Lilac Cloud for the more Gothic Fairy!


#5 Finishing Touches...

So you have your base make up done, your eyes are looking magical and you have enough glitter on your face to open up your own crafts shop? The last touches are all that’s needed to perfect your Fairy look, and there is no better way to do so than with a powerful lip and some finishing spray to seal everything in!

You will find that with such a dramatic face of makeup creating that perfect finishing lip will often require very little work. A neutral shade will often be the perfect match to a bold face, so we love shades such as No. 210 by Stargazer, and Kryolan’s Athena. However there is also the option to jazz up a lip later on with the addition of glitter!