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Creating The Ultimate Fantasy Makeup Look: Unicorns

We all love a good makeup trend, and the recent mythical theme that is all over the media is no exception! Unicorns, fairies and mermaids have become a common trend this summer and with festival season well and truly upon us there is no better time to don the gems and glitters.


Whether you are planning for a big event or simply want an excuse to get fancy with the glitters, creating a fantasy makeup look doesn’t have to take hours. In fact we are confident that with our guide, you can create the ultimate fantasy makeup look in under an hour! 

In the first of our Fantasy series we are going to be creating the perfect Unicorn look – so dust off those vibrant hues and join us in celebrating all things mythical...


Unicorn Inspired:

#1 There Are No Rules

Part of the reason we all LOVE fantasy make up looks so much is because there really are no rules. You can go crazy with creativity here, and will always end up rocking it! So before you even start remember that there is no right and wrong when it comes to transforming yourself into a majestic Unicorn for the day.

If you are opting for a more glamorous look then we suggest that you do your usual base makeup as normal, and then once you have the surface you desire we can get into the fun stuff! However if you are going all out UNICORN then playing around with the Kryolan Supracolor Face & Body Paints is a great way to experiment. We recommend the metallic shades for this look, especially the Gold that screams Magic.


#2 Glitter Is Key

What’s the first thing you think of when someone says Unicorn? It has got to be glitter – and that brings us onto our first tip! There are so many varieties of glitters to choose from, that there really should be no excuse; whether you fancy becoming a grungy Unicorn with Kryolan Polyester Glimmer Fine Glitter in black, or you are sticking to the traditional iridescent shimmer look, it is really hard to go wrong.

Using any adhesive to secure your design will ensure that you can remain majestic all day! If you’re on a tight budget many people use hairspray, hair gel and even Vaseline to bind their glitter to the skin – however we recommend Kryolan Light Multi Gel, which has been specially engineered to provide a gentle adhesive perfect for glitter and gems.

Our Idea:Try creating a dramatic glitter eye look with a couple of different shades, packing the lid with a base eye shadow, and going into the crease with a second darker shade and topping this off with a pigmented glitter will be sure to make your eyes pop and get your Unicorn look off to a great start! The Sleek I-Divine Palette is a Unicorn’s dream, full of super vibrant crazy shades that wouldn’t usually make it into your normal makeup routine.


#3 Bejewel Yourself!

What’s a fantasy makeup look without some face jewels? Festivalgoers will tell you that the key to any statement look is a good set of jewels, and this rule certainly applies when it comes to creating a Unicorn look.

Depending on the vibe you’re reaching for will determine the type of jewel that is best, but in this case less is certainly not more! We love the Mehron Precious Gem Powder Pigment in Champagne to create a majestic highlight that will compliment the bold Unicorn eyes from step 2.

Then moving onto the more statement gems, we love the Wrath Instant Festival Gem sets! These sets are already designed to make your job even quicker, however they are completely customisable if you feel like going a little off track! For this look we adore the Star Rose Quartz set that surrounds the eye area in a rainbow of shades!


#4 It’s All About The Glow

Using a soft brush such as the Crown Elite Super Soft Powder brush to take the Champagne pigment up along your cheek bones will create a highlight effect that is next level. But you don’t have to just stop there – we love the Stargazer Gel Glitter Tubes for fast drying application that can be used on the face or the body to give extra dimension to that finished look.

Whether you are choosing a face paint look or are opting for a glamorous Unicorn, the highlight step is still crucial to getting that dewy end look.


#5 Finishing Touches

Once you are practically glowing with Unicorn radiance, it is time to finish off with some last minute touches. Whether you have followed our sugestions to the letter or merely used it for inspiration, these last steps are important to get the perfect finish.

A quickstep, but a vital one; setting spray such as the Kryolan Fixing Finishing Spray will ensure your efforts aren’t wasted. There is nothing worse than putting time and effort into the perfect makeup to have it last less than an hour – especially if you are wearing it out to a festival or party! Using this spray will keep things in place even if you’re out under the baking sun!

Nude Lips may not sound particularly majestic, but if you have gone with a bold eye, shimmery highlight all over and gems, then a bright lip may be overkill. We recommend a peachy nude to finish off your look, and balance out the features making your eyes stand out even more.


And that’s it – go forth and embrace your inner Unicorn!