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RED LOOK™ - Disintegrated

A fantastic and easy look to achieve with minimal skill. Proving incredibly popular for Halloween 2017, this look consists of an every day beauty look that is partially melted away to reveal a skeleton underneath.

Essential Products Used:

Optional Products Used:

Equipment Used:


Disintegrated RED LOOK Product Breakdown



  1. Start off by preparing the skin for make-up application. This is an essential step to ensure that the Gelafix/3D Gel has good adhesion to the skin and increase the longevity of the makeup. Clean the skin with a makeup remover or something suitable for the job. If you wish to use a primer, be sure to avoid application to areas where the gelatine will be applied, this may reduce durability.
  2. The next step is to prepare the Gelafix/3D Gel for application. Warm the Gelafix Skin or 3D Gel in hot water (in its original packaging if un-opened) and allow time to melt into a liquid.
  3. You are now ready to apply the gel to the skin (Important! Check the temperature before use). Depending on the exact design you wish to achieve, apply the gel to the skin and allow to drip heavily in a realistic pattern along the join line between your makeup and under design.
  4. Once the gel is set, you can now create the design underneath. For the skeleton design as pictured above, apply a good overall base of white Creme Color/Supracolor and set with Neutral Set Powder/Translucent Powder. Apply black Creme Color or Supracolor to the whole eye socket, to the nose in a rounded diamond pattern and to the lips in a style to imitate teeth. Now contour the face with black under the cheek bones (Adding a little white to assist the blend), apply black to the brows, underneath the chin and lightly to the sides of the nose. 
  5. For the partial beauty look; apply TV Paint Stick Foundation to the remainder of the face and to the drips of gel with a concealer brush. This will match the gel with the rest of the face to increase effect. Then apply eye make up, colour brows and contour (depending on your preference).
  6. Once design is complete set with powder (or a setting spray) and your look is now complete.


A simple design that looks incredibly effective & impactive while maintain the beauty aspect of your Halloween look. Printable version of this tutorial is available here for reference.


Happy Halloween for 2017!

Disintegrated - RED LOOK 2017