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Essentials For Your Professional Makeup Starter Kit – Part One

Welcome to the second part of our ‘back to school’ guide for those just starting out in the makeup and special FX industry. Today we are going to be delving into the world of professional makeup artistry, and taking a look at some of our favourite essentials for any beginner’s kit! 

With the makeup industry always evolving and new and innovative products coming to market every day, we understand how overwhelming it can be to know which is going to be the best for you. To make things easier, we have done the legwork to combine our passion for all things makeup and our industry knowledge to put together an essential guide to those top-quality products, so whether you are looking to splash out or are working to a budget, we have got you covered.


Finishing Spray

Considered amongst professionals to be your invisible best friend, a good quality fixing spray will work wonders for longevity and keep your face looking fresh for hours! Whether it is your big day, a night out or just a normal day at the office, topping your makeup off with fixing spray will keep things in place, and is the perfect finishing touch to any look.

Red Carpet FX Recommends:We love the Kryolan Fixing Finishing Spray Spritzer for a professional finish no matter what the occasion. Kryolan’s special formula offers a water-resistant shield to your makeup and keeps things looking perfect for hours. This is definitely a must-have product to consider if you are looking for more of a high-range fixing spray to offer your customers.

This is considered a premium product at £15 for 100ml, but a little goes a long way!


Other Great Brands:If you are a big lover of Kryolan but are looking for something slightly more affordable, you can opt for the Kryolan Fixing Finishing Spray Aerosol which you can get for as little as £8.90. We also love the Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer Spray for a matte finish that looks great over any powdered crème makeup look (this one will also leave your clients smelling amazing with a light minty fragrance they will love)


Setting Powder

Setting powder is one of those products that any professional artist cannot be without; it can be applied to any skin tone to discreetly keep everything perfectly as it should be, with minimal effort. Whether you are going for a translucent powder that can be used universally, or want a tinted powder, these are an essential way to lock in facial makeup and keep things looking smooth and flawless.

Red Carpet FX Recommends:Ben Nye offer a range of luxury face powders, both in plain translucent and different skin tones to offer variety to your kit. The Bella Luxury Banana Powder is a particular favourite with a subtle tint and specially formulated to absorb excess facial oils for a flawless end result

The Ben Nye Bella Luxury Banana Powder starts from £15.49


Other Great Brands:When it comes to setting powder there is a good range of brands that offer high-quality and affordable products. If you are looking for a more budget product then both Wrath and Mehron offer excellent setting powders that are both around the £7 mark and do a great job.



Much like the name suggests, foundation is the base of any makeup look; it can be used to enhance your natural skin tone, smooth out blemishes and create a unique finish that will really make your other features pop.

A much-needed basic for any makeup artist, you can opt for light, medium or dark foundation shades, and even have the option of yellow or pink undertones, but we recommend picking a great product for each category so that you are always prepared on the job.

Red Carpet FX Recommends:For a versatile foundation that boasts high quality we can’t recommend the Kryolan Supracolor Foundation Palette enough. Offering a cream based consistency in a range of shades; this investment product would make travelling light on the job a breeze, and offers a professional approach to your base makeup.

These palettes by Kryolan are pretty pricey at £37.70, however they really offer a fantastic variety of shades meaning you will be equipped for every client!


Other Great Brands:For a more affordable option that still offers a professional finish, we love both Stargazer and Leichner – brilliant products for first level students who are just finding their feet.


Blush Palette 

Whether you are looking to add a discreet hint of colour to your cheeks or want to create a striking warm look, blusher is a vital component in any makeup artist’s kit. For those in the makeup industry, we recommend a great blush palette, which will provide you with those most reached for shades, offering versatility and adaptability at work.

Red Carpet FX Recommends:If there is a blush palette we can’t get enough of it has to be the Ben Nye range! They offer luxurious and pigmented palettes with colours to suit all skin tones, it is certainly an investment we think is worth looking into.

The Ben Nye Theatrical Blush Pressed Powder Palette comes in at £44.99, so not the most affordable, but definitely a product we would suggest getting at some point down the line.


Other Great Brands:Kryolan offers a very pretty 5-shade cream blush palette, which comes in a little cheaper than the Ben Nye at £20.40. If you are looking to start off budget, then the Stargazer blush palette offers a good range of 10 popular shades for as little as £23.49.



Whether you decide to opt for single lipsticks or a lipstick palette, there is no better way to complete a finished makeup look than with a killer lip! Check out our recommended products, and those other brands we love to reach for.

Red Carpet FX Recommends:If you are looking for value for money without dropping in quality the Kryolan mini lip palettes offer 18 popular shades in a classy and professional packaging that should see you through a range of customers. You can get different mini palettes offering different colour schemes, so investing in a few of these could mean you never have to buy single lipsticks again!

The mini lip palettes by Kryolan are £31.60, but for 18 mini shades we would say it as a worthy investment for any makeup artists.


Other Great Brands:We understand that some artists prefer to work with single lipsticks, but these can soon become quite pricey! To get around this we recommend the Stargazer lipsticks, which offer a budget approach to professional lip products with each lipstick costing just £2.99.



Very rarely will you see a face of makeup that doesn’t include mascara; this must-have opens up your eyes, elongates and adds volume to lashes and can really perfect a look. There are tonnes of mascaras out there on the market, and not everyone will want the same finish, but these mascaras are some of our favourites for a professional look.

Red Carpet FX Recommends:Kryolan offers a range of mascaras in a creamy and unique consistency that makes for easy glide-on application and a water-resistant hold that lasts for hours. The colour intensifier range is brilliant for a variety of people, and comes in some whacky shades as well as your popular blacks and browns.

The Kryolan colour intensifier mascara comes in at a reasonable £14.40 – Great for a premium brand.


Other Great Brands:Ben Nye offers a slightly more affordable smudge proof mascara in a variety of shades, which we love. Even if you want to watch the pennies there are some fantastic options out there such as Stargazer who do a brilliant budget mascara with their £3.49 range in different colours.



Once again we turn to industry expert Pamela Clare, or PC as she likes to be known as for some go-to advice for anyone starting out in the makeup industry, this is what she had to say this week:

One of the big misconceptions in becoming a make artist is that once a student has qualified they feel that Hollywood will come calling - obviously not the case, you have to work extremely hard at building your social network and portfolio, you have to fill in lots of applications and expect many rejections it is a very competitive industry. One of the best ways when trying to make a name in the industry is to do volunteer work as assistant to a senior make up artist for TV, films fashion shoots, theatre etc.”


"When selecting your kit as make up artist starting out you will already have the basics in your kit, so once you start to get paid work only buy what you need for each job as it comes in, there is no point wasting money on buying products you think you need, getting into debt for products to be just sat in your kit that will not get used for months or even years, don’t get bogged down with unnecessary products. A lot of make up artists when first starting out fall into the trap of seeing new products and advertisements and think yes I must have this."


Join us next week for part two of our top recommended products for your professional makeup kit!