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Essentials For Your Special FX Make Up Kit – Part 2

Earlier this week we started to look at those must-have products for anyone starting out in the special FX makeup industry, and today we are back with part two!

As we touched on in our first post; the special FX industry is huge; so much so that navigating your way through the hundreds of products can be pretty intimidating. With every brand claiming to be the best, it can be easy to fall into that trap of buying for the sake of it, so we have put together a beginners guide to all those necessities you need to get things off on the right foot.


Spirit Gum

Any good special FX artist should have at least one bottle of spirit gum in their kit at any one time. Considered one of the most versatile products out there, spirit gum can be used to attach facial hair, appendages, wigs and so much more. 

Made from resin and solvent, spirit gum is the glue that can hold your whole design together, but getting a good quality spirit gum is vital for safe and long lasting wear, so here are our favourites!

Red Carpet FX Recommends:Kryolan offer a premium quality Mastix Spirit Gum, which we love, as do our customers as it is by far our best selling one! Available in a range of sizes ranging from 12ml – 1000ml, Kryolan have combined their passion for the industry with a scientific approach to bring you their specialist adhesive formula using natural resin that is more gentle to the skin, provides a firm grip and can be easily removed. Red Carpet FX where even featured in bestseller ELLE as a recommended supplier for Kryolan’s Spirit Gum. 

Prices range from as little as £5.40!


Other Great Brands:If you’re on the hunt for a more expensive brand then we love the Ben Nye Matte Spirit Gum that dries without any sheen for the ultimate in realistic creations. Mehron and Grimas also offer affordable options, depending on your budget.


Spirit Gum Remover

Although spirit gum is such a vital product for your special FX kit, it is also one of those love or hate items, which is why we recommend going with one of our trusted brands. A poor quality spirit gum can be harsh on the skin and difficult to remove, which leads us to our next essential; spirit gum remover!

The good news is that there are plenty of great spirit gum removers available to you, so once you have picked your perfect spirit gum, why not check one of these removers out.


Red Carpet FX Recommends:There are plenty top-quality options for this category, so you have more scope here to play around with budget. That being said, we love the Kryolan MME Mild Spirit Gum Remover for those who want to splash out a little. In keeping with their approach to sensitive skin, this extra-mild remover is suitable for all kinds of skin types.

A little goes a long way with this product at just £8.30


Other Great Brands:We stock a huge range of spirit gum removers from Mehron and Ben Nye through to Wrath, so it really depends on personal preference here.


Stainless Steel Spatula and Palette

Perhaps one of the less exciting products that we recommend, but one that is equally as important, is the tools needed to create your look. Stainless steel tools have been used for years as easy to use and easy to clean products that offer durability, precision and comfort when you’re at work.

Investing in a good quality set of tools will ensure you are able to work with ease and comfort for hours.


Red Carpet FX Recommends:We love the WRATH Stainless Steel Spatula and Palette Set; it is fantastic quality and incredibly affordable, making it a must-have for any beginner’s kit. The handy double-ended spatula offers great precision and increased control for those fiddly details, and comes in high strength stainless steel with gripped handles for added ease. With one flat plated end and the other being tapered and curved, you will find yourself relying on this beauty for everything!

This incredible set is usually a bargain at £11.48. but is currently on sale for just £8.99.


Other Great Brands:We sell a range of tools that are designed and can be used for specific tasks. Depending on what you are after will determine which is right for you; we love the Mehron Stainless Steel Wax Spatula, Royal & Langnickel Trowel Palette Knife and Grimas Plastic Spatula, so take a look around.


Creme Colour Wheel or Palette 

Every artist has their preferences, especially when it comes to the paints they choose to work with; it’s part of the creative license after all! What we would say is that every special FX kit must have a crème colour palette or wheel. These offer versatility and depth to your work in a handy and compact set that you can take with you anywhere.

We have some fantastic choices for a range of preferences, so check out our favourites here:


Red Carpet FX Recommends:A personal favourite of ours is the Kryolan Cream Color Circles, with each set combining complimentary shades in a cream make up formulation that glide on the skin with ease and are also easy to remove. Kryolan use their Supracolor formula, which has great opacity and excellent skin compatibility making it a real industry favourite.

For £14.40 you can get your hands on a range of shades in these Kryolan Color Circles.


Other Great Brands:If you are looking for a palette offering a bigger range of shades, we recommend the Supracolor palettes that hold up to 24 colours in a super high-pigmented creme consistency.



Earlier this week we took some tips from an industry great and makeup legend Pamela Clare, or PC as she likes to be known as. PC is an expert in the industry, and has some fantastic bits of advice for those just starting out in their special FX career:  


  • Always smile no matter how you feel, if your grumpy and stressed this will reflect on your client, they may have a stressful part to play and need you to keep them relaxed and a happy make up artist can make a happy client and recommendation in the industry is a huge part of excelling as a industry professional.
  • Always look well-groomed hair, nails, clothes, etc, a client will look at how you look and first impressions are very important.


Next week we will be exploring everything you need to kick-start your career as a professional make up artist, and we will be taking more tips and advice from PC herself.