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Halloween Series: Part 1 - Our Top Makeup Tips For Beginners & Creating Easy Halloween Looks

October is finally upon us and here at Red Carpet FX we can hardly contain our excitement! Halloween month has to be our favourite time of the year for all things special FX makeup, and this month we want to share with you our top go-to tips and tricks for creating effortless spooky looks.

If there was ever an excuse to get experimental with your favourite makeup products and try out something new, it would be Halloween, but we appreciate that not everyone is an expert in the industry. Inspiration can be found everywhere online at this time of the year, and we’ve seen first-hand just how intricate some looks are, so today we want to focus on keeping things simple without losing the wow factor.

If you are new to Halloween makeup, or want some simple tips that you can follow, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you are planning a Halloween shin dig, off to a fancy dress party or simply want to hone your skills, let’s kick off our October series with all you need to know for easy and effective Halloween makeup.

What’s Your Halloween Inspiration?

With the likes of YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram being full to the brim with impressive and down right terrifying Halloween looks, knowing where you want to start can be daunting and overwhelming.

We would recommend as our first top tip to always have an idea in mind before you get started. If you go straight into the fake blood and eyeshadow then you may end up with a nondescript end product that falls short of the mark.

Most Halloween looks can be split into two categories; Halloween glam or just straight up gruesome. Once you have decided which way you want to go, getting the necessary products and equipment out will keep things straightforward and simple.

Red Carpet FX Top Halloween Makeup Products

Everyone considers Halloween to be all about the costume, but those of us in the know recognise that no Halloween look is complete without a killer makeup look. Whether you’re opting for something glam or not, the chances are you will dip your hand into your makeup toolkit at some point during the process.

So without further ado, here are our top go-to makeup products for Halloween:


If you are creating a makeup based Halloween look, nine times out of ten your base will remain the same as normal. We recommend priming your face and adding the usual products, unless you are looking to ghoul yourself up, in which case our top tip would be to opt for a foundation and concealer a few shades lighter than your skin tone, topped with a white powder for a ghostly appearance!

Eyeshadow Palettes

This is where we can really get creative, at Halloween, Eyeshadow becomes a jack-of-all-trades, from bold and eerie eyes, to lips, contouring and even to create an aging or rotting appearance, the possibilities are endless!

We love the Stargazer Day and Night Eyeshadow Palette for affordability and versatility. This palette contains 10-neutral/dark shades perfect for creating a buildable Halloween look. The white and black pigments are ideal Halloween shades, and the different tones of brown with a grey and deep purple can be combined to create bruising and dark under eye shadows for an effortless zombie look.

Depending on what look you’re trying to achieve, the Sleek I-Devine Eyeshadow Palette in Ultra Mattes V1 Brights offers some bold shades that could be blended for a gruesome affect (we’re thinking dark green and purple), or used to create an affective scary clown, geisha, or doll makeup look!


A staple in most makeup bags, this low cost makeup product can be a real lifesaver for those spooky creations. Whether you’re creating an intricate spider web, going for a bold eye look or want to use a charcoal pencil for definition, eyeliner is a must-have item!

If you are opting for liquid eyeliner, then we love the Kryolan Proliner Eyeliner, which comes in a range of different colours, so if you’re not looking for a traditional black this may be the ideal brand for you! We also love the Stargazer Semi Permanent Eyeliner Pen for a budget option.

If you are looking to go for a deep smokey eye, we recommend combining your favourite liquid eyeliner in black with a Kohl pencil liner such as the Grimas Makeup Pencil in 101 Kohl to create a greater depth. Use a cotton bud to smudge out the pencil liner for an imperfect and messy finish.

Finishing Touches

It may sound simple, but creating an effortless and effective makeup look for Halloween doesn’t need to be complicated. Switching up those simple aspects from foundation shade to Eyeshadow colour can really transform your everyday look into something much more bold and sinister.

However, no finished Halloween look is complete without some of our favourite finishing touches! Check out our best selling accessories for a finished Halloween makeup look:


What’s better than a face of incredible spooky makeup? Some fangs of course! Whether you’re a Werewolf or a vampire, adding in some realistic fake teeth can transform your finished look dramatically. We love the Scarecrow Custom Love Bites Deluxe Vampire Fangs for a realistic and subtle look. Or for a more dramatic and pronounced look, the Smiffy’s Horror Teeth will be sure to ramp up your scare levels!


Of course no Halloween look is complete without some fake blood, and here at Red Carpet, we have been adding this to finished looks at Halloween time for years. Turn a generic scary face of makeup into something entirely terrifying with a high-quality fake blood such as the Ben Nye Professional Fresh Scab Fake Blood.

Glitter and Gems

Okay, so we appreciate not everyone is into the blood and fore of Halloween, so why not add some glitter and gems to your finished look to transform into a fairy, fortune teller or mythical goddess – the only limit is your imagination!

Red Carpet FX Next Halloween Instalment

If you love Halloween as much as we do then stick around, we will be running our Halloween series through the entirety of October, and next time we will be talking all things Halloween special FX!