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Halloween Series: Part Three – How To Create Some Seriously Gruesome Halloween Looks

As our favourite holiday approaches, we have been delving into the world of special FX makeup with our October Halloween series. If you have made it this far you will have already picked up all the basics, so today we want to look at the gory side of special FX!

If you are looking to pull out all the stops this Halloween, we have the perfect solution for you with some of our go-to gruesome Halloween looks that will be sure to make you the talk of the party.

With Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube throwing up more terrifying and gory looks every year, we wanted to show you three looks you can create with ease that will have all the blood and gore you could ever wish for!

Stick around to find out how . . . 

#1 Decaying Zombie

Is there anything more terrifying than a healthy dose of decaying flesh? We don’t think so, and today we will show you how you can create the most disgustingly fabulous zombie look that will have your friends running in terror.

Think The Walking Dead meets Night Of The Living Dead . . .

What You’ll Need:

  • We recommend a pigmented face and body paint such as the Dashbo Ressurect-dead alcohol activated palette and don't forget the activator!.
  • Prosthetic wound of your choice, we love the Smiffy’s Hyper-realistic water transfer wound in Zombie Riot for this look.
  • FX gel of your choice
  • Fake blood
  • Blending sponge
  • Application brush

How To Get The Look:

  • The beautiful thing about this look is that you can get as messy as you like, and still come out looking like a freshly dug-up zombie! So the first thing to remember is that don’t worry about being tidy!
  • Start with your base, this can be your usual makeup base if you are still going for a bit of makeup beforehand. Otherwise, you can skip this stage altogether, or go for a paler shade of foundation for a more deathly look.
  • Start by applying your prosthetic of choice to the skin. We love the Smiffy’s Zombie Riot prosthetic for this look, to create an easy decayed skin effect that is easy to apply using only water!
  • Once your rotting wound is securely in place, it’s time for the fun part! Using your AA palette, go in with your preferred pigments of browns, greens and purples to create an aged, diseased effect. We recommend using a brush for precision here, and a blending sponge to soften the edges of your look.
  • Using FX Gel, go over your wound to get a bloodied, puss effect that will appear to be contagious and raw.
  • You can finish off your look with fake blood, or go ahead and add more of the pigment to the rest of your face and body for an all-out dead look. 

#2 See No Evil

What’s more terrifying than two bloodied gaping holes where your eyes once had been? If you’re looking for something incredibly simple but that will leave an enormous impact, this see no evil look is for you!

What You’ll Need:

  • ‘No Eyes’ prosthetic – we LOVE the Woochie See No Evil prosthetic, and the Smiffy’s Latex Zombie Eyes Prosthetic.
  • Fake blood (and lots of it!)
  • Liquid Latex
  • FX Gel
  • Eyeshadow palette of your choice

How To Get The look:

  • This has to be one of the most straightforward looks that we know, but boy does it look gross! Start by choosing your prosthetic to get a realistic ‘no eyes’ look.
  • Using Pros-Aide or a spirit gum on a clean and dry surface of the skin, apply your prosthetic in place, and hold secure until dry.
  • Once this is on, you’re ready to go in with a heck load of fake blood to create the realistic effect of freshly removed eyes (gross, right?)
  • If you want to go in with further makeup and FX we recommend an Eyeshadow palette with reds and purples to create bruising and FX gel to create a blood and puss effect!

#3 Half Glam, Half Gore! 

If a face full of cuts, bruises and blood isn’t quite for you, but you still want to make an impression this Halloween, opting for a 50/50 face of both can be the perfect solution! Find out how to create a striking balance between gruesome and glam 

What You’ll Need:

  • Liquid Latex
  • Fake Blood
  • Makeup of your choice
  • Setting powder
  • Application brush
  • Blending sponge
  • Spatula
  • Sculpting Tool

How To Get The Look:

  • The easiest way to approach this look is by drawing a guideline across your face. Using a light eyeliner pencil, draw out where you want your face to split.
  • Once you are happy with your line, go in and do your glam makeup first. Using your favourite products create a half-face of makeup as you usually would, remembering to go all-out glam!
  • When happy with your glam side, it’s time for the tricky part. Using liquid latex and a spatula, go over where your line is drawn with the latex, building up a thick division between your face.
  • Once the liquid latex is fully dry, use your sculpting tool to gently pick away the latex through the centre, this will give the split texture and a realistic look, and creates holes, which can later be filled with blood and puss!
  • Now you’ve got your glam side, and your partition its time to go in on the gore side of your face. Using FX gel, blood and your own choice of makeup, create an ‘Undead’ version of yourself.
  • The end result should look like you’ve been left with half your normal face, and what lies beneath is truly up to you!

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If blood and guts isn’t quite your thing, never fear as next time we are going to be looking at Halloween glam makeup looks, for all things spooky beauty!