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Create A Festival Look Using WRATH Face Gems and Bio-glitters

The days are getting longer, we have traded in the jumpers for our favourite pair of shades – it can only mean one thing; Festival season is upon us! Whilst festivals have been going since the 1450’s, it has only been over the past decade or so that these social events have become more about style than the actual musical acts!

 Yes, from super short-shorts all the way to crazy coloured hair, you can now really go all out for your upcoming festival to make yourself stand out from the crowd! A huge part of creating the perfect festival look all comes down to makeup, whether that is face or body, it is amazing what some glitter and a few gems can do!

In this article we are going to take a look at how you can create the perfect festival look using just two products. Affordable, fun and incredibly festive-chique, let’s take a look two products from WRATH that can totally transform your finished festival look.



WRATH offer environmentally friendly products that aren’t only fantastic alternatives to some of the more expensive glitter and gem brands out there, but also allow you to create an easy striking look.

WRATH focuses on biodegradable face and body glitters along with cruelty-free face gems and the end results are always incredible! Despite their ethical standpoint in the production of their products, the quality and versatility is not compromised, meaning you can get a full festive look with none of the worry! 

From super-soft face and body glitters to self-adhesive gems, what you choose to do with your look is entirely up to you, and WRATH provides the tools needed to get the job done.


WRATH Biodegradable Glitters

Glitter is a festival staple; whether you are going crazy and covering every part of your body in sparkle, or have a specific design in mind, the WRATH biodegradable glitters offer a gentle on the skin option.

From popular metallic shades such as gold and silver to the more unusual glitter colours such as black; WRATH offers a wide variety of sunning and highly pigmented shades of glitter that have all been produced to a high standard.

Planning to dance the weekend away in a field? With WRATH you don’t have to worry about shedding your glitter, the product itself has been carefully made from regenerated plant cellulose, making it super plant and animal friendly!

Perhaps the most beneficial thing about the WRATH glitters is just how easy it is to apply; almost any adhesive will work perfectly with this product, and it is incredibly reflective under all lighting, so would look perfect on a sunny day!


WRATH Instant Festival Gem Sets

If you are new to the festival scene or perhaps haven’t experimented with face or body gems before, the WRATH instant festival gem sets would make the ideal start kit!

Not only does WRATH offer a wide range of designs to match any theme, they are also pre-designed leaving it as simple as peel and stick! The self-adhesive gems will stick and stay with ease and require no extra glue to stay put.

We absolutely love the range of designs there are to choose from, from classy pinks and silver reflective gem designs through to striking vibrant looks that will be sure to turn heads, there is certainly something there for everyone! 

What could be better than straightforward festival designs? Well, each WRATH set of gems costs just £4.99, making it one of the most inexpensive options on the market, and fantastic quality!


Hints & Tips For That Perfect Festival Look

So you have the perfect makeup base for your festival look, but don’t quite know where to start with the application of glitter and gems? Well here are a few of our top hints and tips for using the WRATH glitter and gems for your perfect finished look:

  • If you are looking to really go all-out, applying some of the WRATH glitter on your lips will create a striking and glam look. We recommend a vibrant metallic such as this for the best dimensional look!
  • Glitter really is perhaps the most versatile festival favourite going; just short of bathing in it you can pretty much create any look you fancy! From eye shadow to lips, your hair and even your body – you could really go crazy. For an easy and effortless festival look we recommend going wild with the WRATH glitters!
  • Buying an oil-based cleanser will be a lifesaver! Glitter is all well and good until it is time to take it off, with an oily cleanser it should be a piece of cake.
  • If you are on a tight budget, using petroleum jelly such as Vaseline as a base for your body glitter will save you a bunch of time and money! It smells great, clears dry and will keep your glitter from budging.
  • When applying your gems, ensure you are happy with the positioning before you press down to stick them. This will make sure you don’t lose the adhesive strength by constantly reapplying!

That’s it – it really can be that easy, and that inexpensive to create a fantastic festival look! For those who want to create an innovative look with few tools, WRATH is the brand for you!