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How to Have Unicorn Hair that Vanishes by Monday

Multicoloured hair is the latest fashion trend sweeping the Western World. Our Instagram feeds are  full of kaleidoscopic luscious locks in every shade from pastel blue to vibrant pink - nothing is too much or too little. 

Unicorns are the current ‘in’ animal. They’re everywhere: bags, purses, accessories, key rings, mugs, pens, pencils, notepads, cupcakes, jewellery, posters, slippers, jumpers, badges, hats, special fx make-up, make-up brushes, duvet covers, pillows, cushions, candles… Need we go on?! The world is lost in unicorn-mania; fashion trends included. 

The infiltration of this unicorn crazy trendhas worked its way into the hair world, with women and men alike dying their hair to match the manes of these beautiful mythical creatures. Unicorn hair is a thing, and what a wonderful thing it is. Here at RCFX, not only do we love the unicorn trend for its glorious beauty, but for what it stands for too. Unicorns are strong, magical and stand for all things good which is why we’re such huge endorsers of the following. 

To do our part in this craze, we’ve got a range of products that can help you transform into a unicorn; either permanently (the dream) or purely just for the weekend. We’ve also got collections of other make-up and special fx make-up that can help your transformation go beyond your mane…

Stargazer Glitter Hairspray

One of current most popular glitter hair sprays around, this multi-coloured formula gives you all the party vibes you need for an night out, festival, rave or house-party. This can be used either just along the parting for a more subtle unicorn impersonation, or all over the head for a full mane effect. 
Unicorns come in all shapes, sizes and colours which is why we've added this block UV pink to our collection of unicorn-inspo. This high quality spray comes in multiple different colours which can be applied to all hair types (or wigs) and easily washed out in one go. 

Purple is staple colour when it comes to unicorn impersonations. Our purple washout spray is ideal for those looking for a more multi tonal, rich look that will last all night but wash out in one shampoo. This purple is a great colour for those with both darker and olive skin although can be a nice contrast against fairer complexions depending on what sort of look you're going for.
We love our UV hair glow. Whilst your hair will look the same in a normal light, put under a UV light, your hair will glow like the magical creature you are. This look is ideal for a UV themed party, rave or neon night where you really want to stand out from the crowd. 
Taking it back to the glam glitter look, this Stargazer blue glitter spray is the ideal unicorn look accessory. This can be used either all over the hair or in smaller areas to create a whimsical and fantastical look that will turn heads for all the right reasons. All the magic can be lost in one wash so there's no fear of rocking up to work on Monday as your alter ego. 
So there we have it, the perfect way to transform into a unicorn for the weekend but will vanish by Monday. All of our colour sprays are suitable for a variety of different hair types and colours and will last you all night long. This unicorn and glitter trend is one that we hope will last us all summer long and we're looking forward to help you achieve the look whatever the occasion! 
Keep it magical.