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How to Look After your Skin this Summer

Summer is here, accompanied by hot days, muggy nights, hay fever epidemic and lots and lots of Pimm's!

The summer months come with a mixture of bad and good (as with all seasons) and our philosophy is to always make the most of whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

One big part of summer for us here at RCFX is ensuring that your make-up bag is summer ready – not only with all the right colour palettes and shades to suit your newly bronzed skin tone and bright summer wardrobe, but equipped with the right products to help keep your make-up light, fresh and on your face during the summer heat.

Skincare in summer is super important for keeping your skin looking and feeling fresh. With the combination of sun damage, sweat, and exposure to different water sources (sea, chlorine), looking after your skin before and after stepping into the outside world is key.

Although these aren’t particularly pleasant factors to have to think about, there are several essential routines we strongly recommend going along with throughout summer to ensure your skin looks and beautiful and radiant as it possibly can.


  1. Moisturise

    Although we all know that moisturising is key during winter, what with the dipping in and out of central heating into the bitter cold, rain, wind etc., we often forget the importance of moisturising our skin religiously during the summer too. With all the exposure to the sun, skin can get dried out – particularly if it’s under a coat of foundation. Ensure to moisturise your skin twice a day – more if you’ve been lucky enough for a dip in the sea!
  2. Wash your Face Often

    This may seem like an obvious one, but many people believe that just taking their make-up off is enough rather than washing your face too. Be sure to invest in a good cleanser or scrub to really ensure your pores are cleaned of any residue make-up which can then cause a build up of bacteria on your skin which will lead to spots and other blemishes.
  3. Take your Make-up Off Properly at the End of Every Day

    Be sure to invest in skin friendly make-up wipes, or a microfibre face cloth. If make-up is left on overnight (especially heavier special FX make-up) it can clog your pores causing acne and other bacterial infections (nasty!). Taking make-up off properly involves a good scrub, washing and moisturising to ensure your skin stays in tip-top condition.
  4. Use SPF Foundation

    A lot of more foundations these days have SPF protection such as our Kryolan Ultra Underboss Plus Primer. Really, you should be wearing this every day regardless of the season, but it is particularly important in summer to blast those UV rays away with your super foundation. Not only does this protect your skin from burning, but from early aging and other cosmetic skin issues (as well as the other big skin issues triggered by too much exposure to the sun).
  5. Drink Plenty of Water

    Water isn’t just good for the inside of your body you know! Water is imperative for natural beauty: sparkling eyes, clear skin and shiny hair. As we all probably do anyway, it’s so important to drink more water in the summer to hydrate you on the inside and the outside. It’s amazing the difference you can make to your complexion by what you take into your body rather than what you put on the outside of it. Ensure maximum natural beauty by drink drink drinking! (water).

So there are a few of our essential summer skincare tips for you to bear in mind this summer to ensure that your skin stays beautiful and healthy.