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Perfect Bridal Make-up Look - Tips and Tricks

If you are due to get married then you will know all to well how exciting the prospect of planning your look can be. Don’t get us wrong, we understand that it’s the “I Do’s” that are the most important part of the day, however ensuring you look and feel your best can really make all the difference! From the dress to the make-up, your wedding day is likely going to be one of the most magical times of your life, and it’s a chance to really go all out and pamper yourself.

So you have the dress, flowers and a perfect venue? The only thing left to do is to come up with the perfect make-up for your big day. If you have something in mind, then bringing that vision to life may be pretty straight forward; however for many, it can be a very stressful and difficult decision to make.

To help you along the way we have put together some top tips for getting that flawless look for your wedding day, with some of our favourite bridal product recommendations for those of you who are struggling for inspiration!


#1 Less Is Usually More

It is a common misconception that you need to lay your makeup on thick for your wedding day, however the truth is that this is simply not the case. Many will argue that you will be wearing your makeup for many hours under stressful conditions, and having your photo taken from all angles for the duration of the day. Okay, so when it is put like that we can understand why it may see you running for the industrial foundation!

However we are firm believers in the less is more approach to your bridal makeup. Really, you want to be considering the products you use rather than how much you use; by finding the best long-wearing products, you can avoid the need to plaster layers upon layers of makeup on which will leave you feeling more comfortable for the day ahead.

Foundations such as the Ben Nye MediaPro HD Matte are the perfect option for such an occasion, with a super lightweight consistency that is easy to match to any skin tone and has a great medium coverage. If you prefer a higher coverage then this versatile foundation can be layered up without turning cakey, and is HD compliant meaning those photos will come out amazing no matter how many hours into the day it is.

Couple this with a great setting spray such as the Kryolan Fixing Spray that will keep things in place even under the most stressful situations! Simple steps like this will allow you to create that perfect bridal look without going over the top with products.


#2 Pick a Focal Point

Everyone has a preference when it comes to their wedding day, and this extends to every aspect from location to makeup. However that being said, it is fairly commonplace to see brides opting for a light, bright, natural look over anything too heavy. 

So if you are looking for a subtle look that will still be something special, pick a focal point for your makeup to work around. Love your eyes? Going for a natural base will give you room to play around with a slightly bolder eye, making this the focal point of your look will bring everything together perfectly. A palette such as the Ben Nye Glam Eye Shadow Pressed Colour Palette offers a range of neutral and bolder tones so you can play around with a statement eye. This method can be used wherever you feel most confident, whether that is a sculpted lip, super highlighted cheekbones or a bold brow!


#3 Consider The Day Ahead 

Possibly the most important bit of advice we could give you brides to be is to think about your day in its entirety. Nobody knows better than you how much effort you will want to be put into the upkeep of your makeup on the special day. If you are a low maintenance woman, then go for an easy look that isn’t going to require constant top-ups. 

Choosing a simple look that involves as few products as possible will ensure that you won’t be darting to a mirror every hour to check everything is in place. Handbag essentials such as a setting powder, a lip product of choice and fixing spray will be your best friends on the big day and will keep you free to enjoy the day stress-free!


Final Thoughts

This is your day, so the way you decide to go about your makeup is entirely personal preference. However if you are unsure where to start then consider our tips along the way, but remember to go with what YOU want as ultimately this is your day and nobody else’s!