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RED LOOK™ - Golden Skull

A modern take on a classic Mexican theme; this design is incredibly impactive under lights and at night. A classy look that is perfect for Halloween and as well as formal occasions. A golden sugar skull that looks incredibly complex but requires minimal skill to achieve.

Essential Products Used:

Optional Products Used:

Equipment Used:

 Golden Skull RED LOOK Product Breakdown


  1. Start off by preparing the skin for make-up application; clean the skin with a makeup remover, skin cleanser or something suitable for the job which you prefer.
  2. The first thing to apply is the gold hair spray. Apply this before any makeup application to prevent over spray on the finished design. Apply the gold spray to the top and sides of the hair from a distance of 30cm in short bursts, brushing it through as you apply. Continue until hair is coloured.
  3. Now apply the gold Liquid Body Make-Up to the face and neck using either a Rubber Pore Sponge, or a Glaze Wash (wide body brush) for best finishes. Gently buffing out once applied. Avoid eye area where the black paint will be applied and allow to dry once complete.
  4. Paint a black outline following the natural contours of the eye socket. This will be a guide for the infill of the eye socket and the outward design. Fill in the the eye socket with black creme makeup using a sponge or brush. Paint on the lip design using the same paint; paint a diagonal line along the contour of the lips tapering out at the ends. Now paint fine vertical lines to imitate teeth.
  5. Now paint a rounded double diamond in black onto the end of the nose. Depending on your preference, paint fine ornate designs on the chin, forehead and cheeks in white & black.
  6. Set the black paint with a colourless powder; dust off the excess. Then paint on a thick even white line around the edge of the eye sockets, trying not to clash with the black. Go onto create the desired pattern around the outer edge of the sockets.
  7. To finish, powder the black and white paint with a colourless powder, dust off and spray a fixer spray over the whole design to increase durability and longevity.


A bold look that is incredibly classy and simple to achieve. Printable version of this tutorial is availablehere for reference.

Happy Halloween for 2017!

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