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RED LOOK™ - Sugar Skull

A classic design that is incredibly popular in recent years. This sugar skull design in inspired from the decorated edible skulls given as gifts during the Mexican celebration of Día de MuertosWith in an intense sense of Halloween to the look while keeping an effective level of glamour, this look is ideal for people who do not want to go all out gore, or a cliché halloween theme.

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Sugar Skull Tutorial Product Breakdown


  1. Start off by preparing the skin for make-up application; clean the skin with a makeup remover, skin cleanser or something suitable for the job which you prefer.
  2. Apply a base of White Paradise AQ Paint all over the face and fading out onto the neck and chest. No need to paint the eye sockets as they will be painted over in black (and may tint the intensity of the black).
  3. Once the satisfactory level of white has been achieved, draw a black oval around the natural contours of the eye socket with the Supracolor Grease Paint. If you wish to add the eyeshadow design as pictured above, apply this now before applying the infill of the black paint. Once that is complete, paint on a wavy line around the perimeter of the black infill, slightly offset.
  4. Now apply black Supracolor to the nose in a double rounded diamond shape, painting slightly into the nostrils to increase effect. Blacken the lips with black Supracolor or a black lipstick and then extend the mouth with lines following the contours of the lips and then with vertical lines to imitate the teeth.
  5. Apply fine designs to the chin, cheeks and forehead to personal preference; making sure the designs are fine and neat to increase effect. Contour under the cheekbones with black Supracolor blending out thoroughly.
  6. Paint blue Supracolor paint delicately into the void between the black eye socket and wavy line making sure you do not clash with the lines. Optionally, apply a little Pearlite Powder over the blue to add a pearlescent finish. Set the full design with a colourless powder (Neutral Set Powder), brushing off excess.
  7. Seal the design with a setting spray and allow to dry. Then apply the jewels in a corresponding pattern of your choice and colour; you may apply them with just the self-adhesive on the jewels, or you can apply a little spirit gum (Kryolan Mastix) to the underside of the gems to increase durability; allow time to become tacky before applying.
  8. Your design is now complete and ready to dazzle. When you are ready to remove, you can do so using one of our make-up removers such as Ben Nye Remove-it All (which will remove heavy cream makeup as well as the adhesive (if used)). Be sure to moisturise skin after make-up removal.


A design that can be adapted to being simple and clean or with complex ornate designs. Maintains beauty while still being in the spirit of Halloween. Printable version of this tutorial is available here for reference.


Happy Halloween for 2017!

Sugar Skull Tutorial Halloween 2017