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Royal And Langnickel Makeup Brushes

If there is one thing guaranteed to excite a makeup lover, it is a good brush! After all, a great artist is nothing without their tools, and Royal & Langnickel’s innovative range of brushes don’t hold back when it comes to incredible quality and variety.

Finding that one perfect brush to do the job can seem like an impossible task when we consider the vast range of makeup tools that are available; whether it is the perfect crease brush, or the fluffiest blending tool - it can seem to be incredibly overwhelming and can often leave us applying makeup with our fingers in despair.

Enter Royal and Langnickel, the leading brand in high quality brushes and accessories. What you can’t get from this company isn’t worth thinking about; from face and eyes to lips and brows – they have got you covered.

If you are only just starting out on your makeup journey, you have come to the right place. We are going to take a look at some of the best Royal and Langnickel makeup brushes for those essentials.


A Little About Royal and Langnickel

Heavily focused on delivering high-quality and affordable products that are tailored to a variety of makeup lovers, Royal and Langnickel are ahead of the game when it comes to their brushes.

What we really love about this company is their versatility, with over 12 lines of beauty brushes not only do they sell innovative products specifically aimed at the makeup industry professionals, but they also tailor for the average makeup lover.

Whether you are a makeup novice or a paid professional, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for with Royal and Langnickel. Not only this, but the passion is clear in every product they produce, from design and quality there aren’t many other companies that match them, especially when it comes to value for money.


Choosing your perfect brush...

Whatever the occasion may be, whether you are going for a light look or a have a heavy night ahead and want something a little more heavy duty – it can all come down to the brush. While there may be an initial appeal in the low-price budget makeup brushes, more often than not they leave a lot to be desired with poor application and fall out that can ruin a good face of makeup.

It is for that reason that Royal and Langnickel have developed a variety of ranges to suit everyone. With many incredible reasonably priced tools, from the fluffy Pink Essentials Powder Brush that can be used for both overall powder, blusher and bronzer coming in at a mere £7.49. To the more high range brushes such as their popular Masterpro Powder Brush that prices at £15.49. It is the perfect place to start if this is your first time buying, or you are looking to upgrade your old brushes.


Getting On Top Of Your Eye Game. 

When it comes to eye shadow, having a great collection of specialist brushes can be the difference between sharp lines and messy blending and a seemingly effortless look. With Royal and Langnickel you get the choice of such a wide variety of excellent eye brushes that it can be difficult to know where to start.

Luckily, we have done the leg work to highlight some of the best eye brushes that have you covered, from eyeliner to getting that perfect smudge, here are our recommendations:


Crease Brush:When it comes to a dramatic eye look a great crease brush is an essential. The fluffier the better in our opinion, which is why the Royal and Lagnickel MODA Super Crease Brush had to make our list of must-haves. For just £4.99 you can get this vibrant essential that is not only effective, but also easy to clean and completely vegan.


Blending Brush:Have you ever put together the most complimentary set of eye shadow shades, only to find that the finished look isn’t quite up to scratch? The Masterpro Pencil Blender Brush is the perfect tool to give you that perfect finished eye. The Master Pro collection from Royal and Langnickel result in a flawless application every time, ensuring limited fall out and an effortless approach to perfect make up.


Brows:As many of us know, the perfect brow can transform a make up look to a whole new level, however it is pretty difficult to achieve without a good eyebrow tool. Luckily, Royal and Langnickel have the Masterpro angled eyeliner/brow brush, which has firmer angled bristles to create the perfect precision. This brush is made even better as it doubles as a fantastic eyeliner brush, making it a brilliant investment for just £8.49.


It’s all about that base.

We all know that the key to success when it comes to make up is a great base. Foundation, concealer, blusher, bronzer, these are all important parts to a finished look and they often start with a good brush.


Foundation:Whether you are on a tight budget or you are looking to splash out a little, Royal and Langnickel have a great selection of foundation brushes. With their Brush Essentials range you can grab yourself a high-quality foundation sponge brush for just £3.75. If however you are looking to spend a little more, the Masterpro foundation brush is a stunning tool, with soft bristles that apply foundation with ease and create a perfect base for the rest of your make up.


Blush:Perhaps not the most discussed brush when it comes to the essentials, however a quality blusher brush can be the perfect thing to perfect those finishing touches, and a great blusher brush should also be suitable for bronzer ensuring you are getting more for your money. The S.I.L.K Pro Synthetic Blusher Brush is super lux with a specially designed texture to increase pigmentation retention and high quality application. This is a perfect investment for those on the market for a blusher/powder brush that is sure to last years.


Highlight:Finding that perfect dewy highlight can leave you glowing and radiant, but it is nothing without a great brush. Sure, you can apply highlight with your fingers, but it is unlikely to have the same affect as the Revolution Highlight Contour Brush that comes in at £12.99 and is one of the best highlight brushes we have seen. The synthetic DuPont gibers make this super-soft and glides product on with ease leaving a lawless finish that is unrivalled by competitors- This brush is definitely an essential in any make up bag.


Contour:Last, but by no means least we can’t do a brush review without talking about the contour brush. Defining angles and giving definition to the face, a great contour brush will be the final touch on a face of make up that will give you that real feeling of glamour. Without a doubt one of our favourite contour brushes has to be the MODA Quick Contour Brush, not only does it look brilliant in vibrant purple with a specialist tip, but this brush applies make up seamlessly for a professional finish like no other.


Final Thoughts

Without a doubt we believe the key to a flawless make up look can come down to the quality of the tools you use, that is why we recommend Royal and Langnickel to anyone. Experience aside this company supply such a high quality product that makes applying make up fun and easy.