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Special FX Make-up Halloween Brainstorm

It may seem like we’re being pretty premature here but we want to get the idea in your head and help you to start brainstorming some ideas and products for whatever incredibly ghoulish, ghastly, gruesome character you want to channel this Halloween.

Halloween is undoubtedly our favourite night of the year. It’s the only time you can truly go wild with your creativity, let your imagination run away and let your worst nightmare come to life. Here we’re not interested in costumes that have taken less than 2 hours to prepare – no supermarket bought Grim Reaper outfit for us thank you! We want to help you create something magical, mystical and above all: scarily realistic.

The key to creating a truly haunting Halloween outfit is how realistic it looks. In the same way as no one is frightened by the cartoon version of Voldemort, but a special FX make-up version on your screen is blooming terrifying, making your character look realistic really is the most vital factor in creating a successful Halloween costume.

Below we’ve put together a list of 5 terrifying characters to transform into this Halloween and the products we recommend to make them come to life…



That’s right, the horrifying clown that has haunted our nightmares since the book’s release in 1986 has made a comeback in the new film. This resurgence will surely create an army of terrifying evil clowns this Halloween so make sure yours looks best by using the strongest standing white face paint, forehead prosthetics and revolting teeth.

What you need:
- High coverage grease paints

- Bald Caps to create that bulging forehead and to easily put on your wig

- Special FX Teeth, from fake teeth to colour changer



The witch of the sea and a villain that has terrified us all since childhood, Ursula is a great option for a Halloween character – especially if you love a make-up challenge. Creating the Ursula look will take a bit of practice and a lot of time on the big night so make sure you factor in enough time.

What you need:
- Classic Purple Snazaroo face paint

- White face paint to highlight 

- Silver hair spray

- Purple eye shadow

- Blue eye shadow


Zip Face

A truly disgusting and incredible way to gross out your fellow partiers! To achieve a realistic unzipping of your face, we recommend following this guide.

What you need:

- We have a specific zipper FX kit just for this 

or if you are looking for a professional look, we offer separate products which include:

- Kryolan Dark Special Blood

- Kryolan Bright Woundfiller

Kryolan Plastici

- Kryolan Sealer

- Ben Nye F/X Creme Colors

- Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel (Optional)

- Ben Nye Matte HD Foundation (Optional)

- Ben Nye Pressed Eye Shadow (Optional)

- Royal & Langnickel Soft Grip Brushes (Optional)

- Make Up Wedges (Optional)

- Kryolan Ultra Setting Spray (Optional)


Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter of course had to make our list. This look can be made as creepy or as fun as you want it to as long as the outfit is correct too! There’s a lot of scope for creativity here as the character is from a book. There have been many interpretations of our famous tea party host over the years from the original illustrations in 1982773 to the most recent Tim Burton adaptation. You can create whatever Mad Hatter look you want as long as it’s over the top, whimsical and mad.

What you need:

White face paint

Grey face paint for contouring

Fake teeth

Fake eyelashes

- Brightly coloured eye shadow

Coloured hair spray

- A top hat (that find we’re leaving to you!)


Walking Dead Zombie

In anticipation of the return of the long awaited Walking Dead, we thought that helping to turn you into a zombie would be a good way to celebrate its return. Zombies are an old monster; one that has concerned mankind for thousands of years. The returning of the dead is a legitimate fear of many around the world so turning yourself into the un-dead will really scare those fortunate (unfortunate?) enough to be with you on Halloween.

What you need:
- Zombie make-up kit

- Lots of Fake blood


So there we have some initial brainstorm ideas of what you should go as for this year's halloween and how to achieve the look! Keep an eye out for more halloween posts to come as the biggest night of the year draws closer...