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Spring Make-up Look Book



noun: spring; plural noun: springs

the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear, in the northern hemisphere from March to May
"in spring the garden is a feast of blossom"


3springtime, Eastertide;


Spring has finally sprung and as usual, it has brought with it significantly more than just a change of season; a shift in attitude, perspective, the chance to start afresh. Similarly, it brings with it a change in our daily aesthetics, from wardrobe to make-up and we couldn’t be more excited to ditch the wooly jumpers and heavy foundation.

To help you get started on your spring look quest, we’ve put together a spring make-up look book giving you ideas on the best make-up looks for this spring and how you can achieve them with our beautiful selection of professional cosmetics.


The Shining Star
This season at Shiatzy Chen, it’s the lower lids that shine the brightest. This beautiful sparkly trend is one that is easily achievable and should not be missed! Day or night, use glitter to brighten up your look and your demeanour. We recommend taking a look at our glitter collection for inspiration, but particularly our Snazaroo Glitter Gel Star Dust which will stay on without the help of adhesive.

 The Bronzed Beauty
This beautiful bronzed, dewy look from Blumarine is a true winner this spring and summer. It’s impossible to go wrong with a simple but stunning look such as this whether you’re moseying around town or headed to the beach. To achieve this look, use our Leichner Camera Clear Tinted Foundation  as a light and dewy base coat before sweeping bronzer across your cheek bones and eyes. Our Sleek Blush By 3 Palette is the prime candidate for this job…




The Brave, Bold and Beautiful
We thought that gothic lips were reserved for the Autumn and Winter months only, but DKNYis bringing it into Spring too and we love it. With minimal eye make-up and gentle highlighting, this bold lipped look will stand out amongst the sea of pastels this season. To achieve this beautiful look, use Ben Nye Lustrous Pro Lipstick in Boysenberry.





Cat Woman
Elie Saab has created the perfect spring look with their bold black eye liner and pastel face and lips. The eyeliner is more subtle than the usual cat eye, giving an elongated and elegant look to the eye without distracting from the flawless foundation and bronzer. To achieve this feline-esque look, we suggest using our smear and smudge-proof black Stargazer liquid eyeliner.

The Neon Nymph
Thank you Wunderkind for creating this flawless and bold liquid eyeliner look for this spring. We’re truly in love with the bad ass look that has been created through bright, neon colours. We have a range of coloured liquid eyeliners including the original culprit used for this stunning image: Stargazer that you can use to imitate this every day.



We're super excited to see that bold is in this spring as it's what we and our cosmetics do best here at Red Carpet FX. We’d love to hear from you if you choose to take inspiration from any of these looks using our products so drop us a picture on Facebook or Twitter to share your everyday artwork with us and our other make-up fanatic followers!