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Tips On Creating The Perfect Cosplay Look

Cosplay is one of the biggest industries around, often associated with Japanese culture; Anime and comic cons have grown in popularity over the years gaining a massive following. All around the world people come together to recreate their favourite characters with elaborate makeup, hair, and outfits – the whole works! But how easy is it to create the perfect Cosplay look?

We understand that this industry is heavily down to personal choice, with literally hundreds of thousands of sources of inspiration to choose from, the possibilities are endless! With that being said, we still want to offer some of our best tips and tricks to getting you one step closer to your dream look.

We supply a treasure trove of special FX pieces, make up, gems and paints amongst other things that can all be used to create the Cosplay character of your dreams; so let’s get started!

Over half of Cosplay costumes are based on well-known female anime characters, so it is no surprise that the need for dreamy flawless skin and big dramatic eyes is prevalent across Cosplay communities. There is undoubtedly new pressure on Cosplay artists to be perfectionists, which can be intimidating if you are a beginner – so here are our tips for creating the perfect Anime Cosplay makeup.

Skin Is Key

The vast majority of anime characters present with flawless porcelain skin, which can be much harder to simulate in real life, especially if you haven’t been blessed with perfect skin! However, there are tips and tricks you can follow to give yourself the best possible base to work from, here are ours:


  1. Moisturiser or a good primer should be the first thing you do, this will help your makeup apply smoothly, but also helps provide a dewy 2D look.
  2. Choosing the right foundation to match your skin tone, rather than the foundation your friend used - Remember not all our skin works the same! For those with a history of acne and sensitive skin, we recommend Dermaflage made in the shade powder foundation. This offers high coverage and protection for your skin! For dryer skin-types, a liquid foundation will often work best to give you extra shine and moisture. We love the Kryolan Ultra Fluid Foundation for a flawless smooth finish!
  3. Remember that if you are prone to particularly oily skin, or you have opted for a liquid foundation, that a good translucent powder will be necessary to set things in place!


Believe it or not, creating a realistic anime look requires less makeup than most Cosplay characters, the minimalist look is everything here, with a perfect natural face of make up, you’re ready to set your attention on the eyes. Famous for big open eyes, anime makeup requires great liquid eyeliner and some big old falsies to finish things off.

We suggest checking out our collection of GRIMAS real hair eyelashes! The more full and thick the better here, as you really want that traditional anime eye flutter. Couple this with a dramatic winged black eyeliner and you will get the perfect finished look. You can use pen or liquid liner for this, but we recommend fine liquid eyeliners like the Kryolan Proliner for precision and ease.

There you have it – for realistic anime makeup you don’t really need much else! If you want to go in with a nude lip balm and a pink blush for the apples of your cheeks you can’t really go wrong, but you won’t need much else to finish this makeup look!

TIP:Couple your finished face with a killer anime inspired wig and outfit. Check out our Special FX wigs for more inspiration!


Cosplay Special FX

If Anime isn’t your thing, we have got you covered! Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of Cosplay is the creative freedom to transform yourself into any character you want, and we love a good prosthetic over at Red Carpet!

From animal snouts through to elf ears – there’s not much we don’t offer, so let’s take a quick look at some of the options open to you if you are opting for something a little different!

Less Is Sometimes More

Depending on the character you are aiming to recreate will determine how much prosthetics and makeup you will need. However sometimes less is more when it comes to add-on features! A good gory scar can sometimes get lost if you have a face full of blood and makeup and ooze. If you are using prosthetics such as the Smiffy’s wounds that are pretty full-on, perhaps leave the rest of that area alone; this will bring much more attention to your gaping wound than if it were surrounded by other prosthetics!


Don’t Rush The Getting Ready Process!

Sometimes Cosplay can get messy, whether its attaching a big prosthetic or applying detailed face and body paints, often the excitement can get the better of you which can lead to cutting corners. When it comes to cosplay characters that involve such intricate details, there is nothing more important than patience! 

The finalised look will be much more worth it if you opt for the slow and steady route – this rule particularly applies with prosthetics such as fake noses which require a lot of prep from sizing it up right to getting the correct skin tone and placement.

With Halloween not too long away we predict cosplay fans will be hitting the shelves for all the goriest pieces, from scars, blood and fangs to recreate much-loved horror characters! We offer everything you will need to go full Freddie Kruger this year, but even if you are aiming for something less bloody; checking out our glitters, gems and antlers could give you a bout of inspiration!


Final Thoughts

Ultimately Cosplay is an opportunity to use your favourite characters as inspiration to create a killer look! Whether you are a hard-core horror fan or prefer something more magical, it’s all about getting creative and having fun!