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Top Tips and Tricks for Creating the Perfect Drag Make-Up

Drag has been around since for hundreds, maybe thousands of years! Ever since make-up has been around really. From the men of Versaille, Vaudeville performers, to the drag portraits of the Victorian era, ladyboys doing cabaret in Thailand, male actors in pantomimes, to the Drag Queens performing at clubs all over the world.

Although drag artists have been around through the ages, more recently there has been a wider acceptance of drag; perhaps due to the growth in popularity of Pride, RuPaul, the increase in social media and the sharing of make-up designs, drag has hit 2017 with a bang.

We admire the fantastic and skilled techniques used by drag artists to transform their faces to look as extravagant and flawless as they can possibly be. We're particularly in awe of their ability to change the fundamental structure of their facial aesthetic, so we've done some research into how to imitate this and create the stunning look we see on the most skilled drag artists around the world.

and Highlight

In order to create that structure-changing effect, contour and highlighting is absolutely essential! In order to carve those cheekbones, slim your nose or chisel your chin into a totally different shape, drag artists were the first to use contouring and highlighting to create their look (yes, before the Kardashians!). 

Be sure to blend blend blend to ensure an effortless looking and flawless and base. 


Nope not in any of the ways you're thinking..! When you're contouring and highlighting, the best way to do it is to put a thick layer of translucent powder on top of your concealer and then leave it (that's the bake!) for 10 minutes. You can then sweep away any of the excess. The heat from your face will help to reduce the appearance of lines and pores - just be sure to wait to bake until you've finished your eye make-up so you can avoid any unwanted eyeshadow residue. Try our Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder for this.



A very important part of drag make-up is accentuating assets - eyes and lips in particular.

To accentuate your eyes, add white eye make-up or thick highlighter in the corners to make them appear brighter and larger. Then be sure to bring your eyeshadow up to your eyebrows and then add more white just under your eyebrow. Follow this up with a beautiful liquid eyeliner flick that runs from the inside corner of your eye up to your temple and then of course, giant lashes! 

You don't need any Kylie Jenner's lip fillers to have beautiful big lips... Nope! Drag artists have been over-lining to create the illusion of big lips forever. In order to keep their lips extra luscious some recommend cleaning and exfoliating your lips before covering them in beautiful colours and glosses. To line, be sure to start at your natural cupid's bow and then go out as far as you want before adding gloss in the middle to create volume.


That's right, a big part of finding a unique and powerful drag look, is to experiment with colours, themes and styles. Some of the most successful drag artists have a particular theme, such as gothic, tropical, all green, all pink, Lady Gaga inspired etc. In order to find what style suits you, experiment away! We have a selection of wash out hair sprays, brightly coloured lipsticks, glitters and gems that you can use to craft your perfect look.


So there are a selection of drag artist tips and tricks for starting off your drag look - and some of the products we suggest you use to create it.