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Why Choose Kryolan TV Paint Sticks?

If you are a lover of a good full-coverage foundation then you likely already know all about Kryolan TV Paint Sticks. The family-run company have been developing innovative make up and special FX products designed for professionals for over 70 years now, and they are at the top of their game!

That being said, the make-up industry is forever growing and developing, making the competition pretty high when it comes to great foundation. So why should you be reaching for Kryolan TV Paint Sticks as your go-to foundation? We have put together a few points to consider about this product and brand to help you make that all important decision.


Kryolan: The Brand.

Those in the film industry will tell you that Kryolan’s unique approach to make-up has led them to being one of the top leading brands when it comes to TV and stage. With over 70 years experience of scientifically led make-up, three generations of family-run business and a real passion for the industry, there are few other companies like Kryolan.

While their products are designed with the big screen professionals in mind, their makeup is also popular amongst those of us who are looking for high quality products that will be long lasting and wearable. That is where Kryolan's TV Paint Sticks come in, the show-stopping foundation with unbelievable coverage and a variety of colours that make it one of the most versatile products in their range.


Kryolan TV Paint Sticks: The Analysis.

From packaging to formulae, everything about the Kryolan TV Paint Stick screams practicality. These cream based foundation sticks come in an incredible 250 colours, which pretty much guarantees that you are going to find a shade that works for you. Not only that but the packaging is small and compact, with an easy to use twistable function.

While the shade variety is something we love about this product, it is the heavy-duty formula that really makes the TV Paint Stick stand out. The coverage of this foundation is out of this world, making it accessible for a wide range of people and it is pretty affordable too!


Kryolan TV Paint Sticks: Who is it for?

If you have worn makeup before then you will be well aware that some foundations just don’t suit every skin type. Whether you have dry or oily skin, acne or scarring, or even allergies, it can all be a deciding factor in your selection process.

While the TV Paint Stick is designed for long-lasting wear and heavy coverage, it is still a great foundation for those who prefer a more natural look. The vast range of shades, which include colour correcting tones as well as contour, and highlight shades mean that it can be applied to almost every skin type. With a great skin prep routine, you can apply a small amount of TV Paint Stick to achieve a subtle but long-lasting make up look.

The heavy duty nature of this foundation is what has made it so popular amongst the performing arts world, whether its behind a camera, a TV screen or on Broadway – this foundation will stay strong under pressure. After all, this brand is all about creating specialist make up that will stay in place no matter what the situation, so from sweaty performances to 12-hour days, the TV Paint Stick is with you for the long haul!

Kryolan TV Paint Sticks are also a top choice amongst Drag Queens; the full coverage effect and long-lasting nature lends itself perfectly to the industry. Unlike many brands with limited shades, the choice with this product means that the perfect look can be created every time.


Kryolan TV Paint Sticks: The best way to use.

This versatile product is fairly straightforward to apply, but we do however recommend a good skincare routine to get the most out of this product. A great moisturiser and primer will see the product going on like a dream, and it can easily be applied with a brush, damp or dry sponge, or even your fingers – whatever works best for you!

Like with any high-coverage foundation, there is the chance of skin drying out and/or breaking out if makeup is not fully removed after use. We would suggest for anyone looking to use Kryolan TV Paint Sticks, that along with a good pre-makeup routine, a good aftercare system will ensure you get the best results every time.


Kryolan TV Paint Sticks: The Conclusion.

If it isn’t clear already, we are massive fans of this product. From versatility to wearability, it is an excellent choice for those with a busy and active lifestyle, and perfect for anyone in the TV, film or photography industry (did we mention that the this foundation photographs flawlessly?).

It is difficult to pick fault with this foundation, it says what it does on the tin and the product itself can last well up to 1 year, a little really does go a long way! Who can argue with that?!