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Simple & Basic Gory Laceration/Wound Tutorial

Hi everyone,

The following post is a tutorial on creating a simple special effects laceration; I would appreciate any feedback you may have on how to improve and make these posts more interesting or informative.

I will try to make the effects simple and easy to follow and hope you enjoy creating them.

First of all I need to let you know that I am not a professional but I do have a keen interest in make up and special effects, the interest in make up is since I was a teenager (which is a long time ago), the special effects interest came later. I used to work in the fancy dress industry and that is where the special effects interest comes from; these ideas are based on things I have tried myself and found quite easy, in other words if I can do this anyone can!

The products you need to create this look are listed below, but you can get loads more effects out of the products used, I hardly used any at all!

This effect would work well on your face, arm, leg and just use more wax if you require a bigger wound.

Also when you wish to remove the wound it is possible to reuse it if you run some dental floss or cotton underneath; this normally brings off the wound quite easily without damage.

Products & Tools Used in this Special FX

Products Used:
1 x Mehron Modelling Putty Wax.
1 x Mehron Fixative "A"
1 x Ben Nye Bruise and Abrasions wheel.
1 x Mehron Coagulated Blood.
1 x Ben Nye Dark Blood.
1 x Ben Nye Final Seal.
Tools Used:
1 x Make up wedge.
1 x Stainless steel spatula. (Or use plastic or cocktail sticks.)
1 x Small make up brush
1 x Stipple sponge


Step 1:

It is best to clean skin first to get rid of excess oil and if you have sensitive skin it may be best to use a barrier spray first.

First step for a small wound is to take a small amount of modelling putty/wax and warm it a little in your hand first, about a quarter of a small pot.

When it is slightly warm, roll into a sausage and place it onto the area you wish it to be (I used lower arm), and then gently start to ease out with fingers in a dragging motion (I find this easier than using any kind of tool); try to make a flat long piece, approx 6cm in length and about 2cm wide, blending the edges as close into the skin as possible so there is a barely noticeable join; try to leave a lump down the middle and leave the edges uneven. (See image 1 below)

Step 2:

Carve a deep line down the centre with the spatula, this should create a ridge on both sides with a gash in the middle. (See image 1 below)

Medium Size Laceration Step 1

Step 3:


Paint over the full effect with fixative "A" and leave to dry for a minute. This will set the wax, making it keep its shape, prevent unwanted loss of integrity and peeling.

Step 4:

Next use the bruise and abrasions wheel, first use a brush to apply a line down the centre using the deepest colour on the wheel or a deep purple colour (a black pencil would also work but you would need to to blend it more). Use a make up wedge next to apply the next colour which is the deepest red and dab gently all over the wound and out onto your skin, I also added a touch of the yellow colour for a bruised effect and then use the stipple sponge to add a little of the light red. (See image 2 below)

Medium Size Laceration Image 2

Keep adding colour until you are satisfied with the look - Remember, do not over-do it, otherwise is can start to look extremely unrealistic. (See image 3 below)

Medium Size Laceration Image 3

Step 5:

Now for the blood! I applied the coagulated blood down the centre of the wound and then used the stipple sponge dipped in the coagulated blood on and around the wound, when this is done you can then add the dark blood I just poured it on straight from the bottle. It is personal preference how much blood to use; too much blood covers up all your hard work, but a lot of blood increases the gore effect.

Medium Laceration Image 4Medium Size Laceration Image 5

Final Step:

Then spray with Final Seal to complete, which finishes it off; increases durability and stops the colours from brushing off.

Medium Size Laceration Finished Look

Look Complete.

And there you have it! Your finished fresh laceration, perfect for many different looks. If you have any questions, or have anything to say, make sure you post them below and share!

Thanks everyone!

Michelle - ShellyFX Blog