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Alcohol Activated Make-up (Paint)

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Alcohol activated make-up (commonly abbreviated as "AA Make-up") is an essential for professional special fx artists. It is incredibly durable due to it being applied with alcohol; making the paint waterproof, smudge proof, non-transferring and one of the most durable paints. Recommended only for use by professionals.

AA make-up is typically used only in special fx applications due to is unique high pigmentation and translucency, which makes the product look in-the-skin as opposed to applied on top. A minuscule amount of product is required for most applications, hence its compact form of intense pigmentation.

Remember;  you must use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol or a purpose designed activator such as WRATH Alcohol Activator or Dashbo Ultimate Activator to activate the pigments in AA make-up.