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Brush Help Guide

Need help working out our brush measurements & information? Check out the following guide which is applicable to brushes of all brands on the Red Carpet website.


Brush Measurements Explained

Take a look at the visual guide below for a better understanding of our brush measurements we supply on the website.


Visual Brush Measurement Guide

Handle Sizes:

Width (W)- This measurement is the widest part of the handle including the ferrule.

Length (L)- This measurement is the total length of the handle including the ferrule.

Depth (D)-  This measurement is the thickest part of the handle including the ferrule; in brushes with round handles, this measurement will be the same as the width.

Brush/Bristle Sizes:

Width (W) - This measurement is the total widest part of the bristles/brush when it is in its natural & original shape.

Length (L) - This measurement is the longest point in the total length of the bristles; this measurement is excluding the ferrule and handle.

Depth (D) - This measurement is the thickest point in the bristles/brush in its natural & original shape. In round brushes, the width & depth will be the same value. In flat brushes, the depth will be smaller than the width measurement.


Brush Details Explained

Detailed brush information can be confusing. We have explained what the information provided means.


"Recommended Use"

This is the purpose the brush was specifically designed for and what the manufacturer recommends. It does not however mean that it can only be used for that purpose; you may have a better use for the brush, and it will function well in most applications. However, if the brush is not recommended for a certain use, it will state this in the main description.

"Bristle Colour"

This is the general colour of the bristles in the brush; different brushes will have different colours, but this may not be an indicator of its purpose (For example, an orange bristled brush & a beige bristled brush may have the same purpose & material, but dyed a different colour for aesthetic reasons). Please note there are a natural variation in the colours of the bristles from one brush to another; so please do not worry if brushes look slightly different.

"Handle Material"

This is what the handle of the brush is made from (excluding the ferrule). For example the handle may be made from a plastic, wood or a metal. Wood handles may be painted, stained or coated in different substances for aesthetic or durability reasons.


This is the metal cylindrical part of the brush that holds the bristles securely in place.

"Bristle Material"

This is the material or hair that has been used to make the bristles in the brush; of which can be either natural real animal hair or synthetic. See below for detailed information.


Brush Materials

Synthetic Materials:

Synthetic bristles are 100% manmade, and no animal hair is used in the creation of the bristles. Synthetic brushes are ideal for liquid & cream makeup application because they do not absorb any product; they are also excellent as a complete alternative to animal based fibres if you do not wish to use such.

Taklon: This is a 100% synthetic fiber. Taklon is made in different colours, but they all have the same function. Taklon bristle does not absorb product making them perfect for liquid and creme products like foundations, concealers, and lip products.

Nylon: This is a bristle more suited for face & body paint application. Does not absorb most products, making it excellent for cream, creme, grease and water based paint application.

Toray: Very similar to Taklon, but is an excellent allrounder bristle. Soft, does not absorb product and excellent for keeping its shape.

Polystyrene: This is a coarse synthetic fiber that is used in brow brushes and other esthetic application brushes. Great for keeping a rigid shape and very durable.

Silicone: Excellent for loose glitter, gel glitter & gem application. Extremely soft, durable and makes for perfect precision application.

Natural Materials:

We do not and will never sell products that have caused cruelty to animals. All of the natural brushes we have on offer here at Red Carpet are 100% animal cruelty free. Natural bristles are a luxury brush material excellent for even and professional application of product.

Sable: This is used to construct brushes that require a specfic shape. This natural fiber is great when used to apply powders and bronzers and products that require blending. This material is soft yet dense and is perfect for a deep and defined application of product. Great to blend and contour.

GoatThis makes for a natural and soft bristle which is used in powder and treatment brushes. Ideal for body shimmers and for post microdermabrasion dusting.

Badger: Badger hair is a luxurious and soft blend for bristles. It's perfect for powder and mineral base products; ideal for achieving a light even coverage.

Capra: Capra is a unique type of Goat hair. Super soft which makes it perfect for luxury powder and treatment brushes.

Boar: This is a thick and durable natural bristle. Primarily used in facial treatment brushes and applications that require a stiff, resilient bristle.