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Education & Business Scheme

Red Carpet FX Business & Education Scheme
Looking to gain supply of our products for business, theatrical, film or education purposes?
Do you already hold a Education & Business account?

Why not join the Red Carpet FX® Education & Business Scheme; offering special services, prices and options for a wide range of organisations and business. In order to be eligible for the Education & Business Scheme, you must be acting on behalf of one of the following organisation types.

Eligible Organisations:

  • School, College, University, Academy or other educational establishment.
  • Theatre, Opera House or other performance and theatrical establishments.
  • TV Studio, Film Studio, Production Company and related services.
  • Entertainment Company, Theme Park, Circus or other related operations.
  • Beauty Parlours, Spa, Hotel or other related business.
  • NHS Teaching Hospitals & Foundation Trust

Ineligible Organisations:

  • Organisations not involved in the make-up industry or related areas.
  • Individuals not acting on behalf of a company.
  • Retail stores, online sellers, distributers or other resellers.
  • Industry freelance individuals.
  • Make-up artists and other industry professionals (see below for options).


If you believe you fall into one of the eligible organisation types, please contact us to apply for a Red Carpet FX Business & Education account.

Don't fall into any of these categories but believe your company may be eligible? Contact us and we will see what options are available to you.

If you are an MUA or other industry professional individual, please see below for alternative schemes available for you.

If you fall into a category that is ineligible for the Business & Education Scheme, you may still contact us to see if there are other options available.



Educational Establishments

Schools, Colleges, Universities and Academies as well as being eligible for the Red Carpet FX® Business & Education Scheme, we are very pleased to offer a custom kit service for your students. Each bespoke kit is tailored exactly to your needs with an extensive range of branded products and equipment to choose from.

Need something in your kits that we do not currently stock? We would be more than happy to work with you in either sourcing the particular products needed or finding a suitable substitute.

View more information about Red Carpet FX® College Kits here: College Kits

You may also be interested to know we currently offer a scheme dedicated specifically for your students. The Red Carpet FX® Elite Student Scheme is a exclusive discount scheme offered to students of participating educational establishments. If you wish for your students to be eligible to join the scheme, please contact us for more information; it is completely free of charge service and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are student who is looking to join the Red Carpet FX® Elite Student Scheme, you can view the following page to see if you are eligible to join: Elite Student Scheme

Is your School or College not participating in the scheme? Forward this page to your tutor or head of department and we would be more than happy to co-operate with your place of education.



Make-up artists and industry professionals


The Business & Education Scheme is not available to individual artists. However, we have a dedicated program to professional make-up artists and other related industry professionals - the Red Carpet FX® Elite Pro Scheme. A program that offers a wide range of benefits (including discounted prices) for professionals.

If you are professional who is looking to join the Red Carpet FX® Elite Pro Scheme, you can view the following page to see if you are eligible to join: Elite Pro Scheme