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Genuine & Official Product Guarantee

Red Carpet FX® 100% Genuine Product Guarantee


Here at Red Carpet FX we 100% guarantee that all items for sale & sold on our online store ( or in-store are the following:

  • 100% Genuine Brand Goods
  • Official Products from a Reputable or Direct Source
  • Not Replica or Counterfeit Products/Items
  • Safe to use, fit for sale, and meet all UK/EU Laws
  • Brand New & Unopened Products


We offer & display this guarantee proudly; to assure all of our customers that they are receiving the quality they have paid for. Please be aware that some online sellers do create counterfeit products of the brands we have on offer, so please be aware if the item is greatly cheaper, it will most likely be a counterfeit product, or there will be undisclosed extra costs (for example shipping charges or taxes for international sales).


If you have any questions about this guarantee, or any queries about our products, please contact us here.