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Kryolan Authorised Dealer

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Red Carpet FX® is an officially authorised dealer of Kryolan® products.

We guarantee & warrant that all Kryolan® products purchased from the Red Carpet FX® website and in-store are 100% genuine Kryolan® branded products.

See Kryolan® products on other websites cheaper? They are most likely counterfeit products; Kryolan® maintains their product prices to keep control on counterfeiting. Purchasing from a Kryolan® Authorised Dealer ensures that you are getting the real thing. Assuring top quality, correct ingredients and safe products made by Kryolan® in Germany. 

Kryolan® products purchased from Red Carpet FX® are protected by the Red Carpet FX Non-Counterfeit Guarantee.




Remember; Kryolan® does not allow the sale of their products on third party websites such as Amazon, eBay, Wish & other marketplaces. If you see Kryolan branded products on such websites, please report it to either Red Carpet FX customer service or Kryolan.