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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement


Red Carpet FX® is an online & in-store retailer of 1,000's of products for professionals, business, places of education and consumers; we offer products over a wide range of categories including special effects products, body painting supplies, beauty make-up and professional equipment. Due to the complexities of the products we offer our customers, we have a varied but clear supply chain; sourcing products from over 7 countries, such as Germany, Netherlands, United States and even as far away as Australia; with products manufactured from 13 different countries. Shades of Red Limited and its other brands trade to a vast array of countries, while the majority of its customers are located in the United Kingdom and a select few European countries.


Red Carpet FX is committed to the principles set out in the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the abolition of modern day slavery and human trafficking. Modern Slavery is a disgraceful act that is sadly occurring to this very day; it is a violation of crucial human rights in which no person on earth should be subject to. Unethical businesses who engage in such a barbaric cruelty to fellow humans simply for financial gain must be stopped, this is why we only source goods and services from ethical like-minded businesses.

We have a zero tolerance policy on Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking; before we engage in a business arrangement with any contractor, supplier or manufacturer, we ensure they are an ethical business; should this change during the business relationship or have any such concerns, we will instantly terminate our dealings with that business and inform them the essential ways they must change.


We implemented a number of measures to ensure the non-existence of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain. A selection of our most important steps can be seen below:

  • Before sourcing from a new supplier, contractor or manufacturer, we will communicate with the business to gauge the morality and ethics; if we have any immediate concerns, we will terminate communication.
  • After we are initially happy with the information the business has provided, we will conduct a thorough investigation into the history of the business, current practices, business / manufacturing locations and if possible, visit the place of business in person or request other forms of proof to assure all is transparent and ethical.
  • When possible, we will look to certification bodies to certify where the products have been sourced from and by what methods.
  • During existing long-term relationships with our suppliers, we regularly conduct checks to ensure that nothing has change in the core of the business that could potentially cause any concern.
  • If concerns are raised by any member of our team or customer base, we will communicate with the business in question, request information and if required, conduct our own investigation.
  • Should these concerns potentially be true, we will suspend supply from the business and communicate our concerns. If these concerns still exist after communication, we will terminate the relationship with the business immediately.
  • A business only becomes part of our supply chain and remains there if we are completely satisfied there is no unethical practice.

Performance & Training

We will monitor the effectiveness of our policies and practices to ensure they work completely to guarantee there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our business or any of our supply chains. This includes training our team to be vigilant for potential concerns and voice their concerns as soon as they arise. We also welcome the public and especially our customers to contact our customer service team should they have any concerns with the brands we have on offer. We understand that it is not the responsibility of individuals outside our company, but we believe that the more people that voice any potential concern the better, to ensure nothing is missed.


This concludes our Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement. This statement was prepared by Shades of Red Limited (trading as Red Carpet FX®) 29th November 2021 for our fiscal year ending 30th November 2022.

This statement was approved by the Board of Directors of Shades of Red Limited and signed on its behalf by Michelle Hague (Company Director) on 24 January 2022.

This statement will be updated and recreated every financial year. The next statement review is due November 2022.