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Review/Feedback Terms & Conditions

The following terms and condition are set out applicable to all Red Carpet FX (Shades of Red Limited) reviews of service, products and feedback to prevent blackmail, slander and incorrect statements.

Red Carpet FX® guarantees:

  • We will never remove a review that is genuine.
  • We will never remove a review that is of true events.
  • We will never remove a review where we are at fault.
  • We will never make alterations to a review left.
  • We will never create false reviews of our products or service.
  • We will always treat reviews on an individual basis.
  • We will look up problem reviews of orders in an attempt to improve our service.
  • We will always treat reviews equally regardless of star/score rating.
  • We will always give you the opportunity to challenge removed reviews.

We have authority to remove reviews that breach the following terms:

  • The review is completely false.
  • The review is bias.
  • The review is left by a competitor company or its employees.
  • The review is slander or defamation.
  • The review contains elements that indicate blackmail.
  • The review is a product review when it should be a service review.
  • The review is a service review when it should be a product review.
  • The review is in breach of our Terms of Service.
  • The review contains personally identifiable information.
  • The review contains sensitive information.
  • The review contains obscene, violent or coarse language.
  • The review contains personal information.
  • The review is about a different company.
  • The review is about a catastrophic disaster that is out of our control.
  • The review is about the layout or design of the website.
  • The review is based on ethical or political views of the business not service.
  • The review is about an customer faulted problem.
  • The review is not based on a real buying experience.
  • The review violates IPO or privacy rights.
  • The review is of a marketing purpose or nature.
  • The review is from the same author on multiple accounts.
  • The review is in breach of or related in requesting to breach laws or terms & conditions.

Regardless if the review in question is 1 star or 5 star, all reviews will be treat equally with these stated terms and conditions.